Sunday, September 18, 2005

Weekend Adventures

Saturday morning I took my Pap and his friend Glen to get their hair cut.

Here's Pap sporting his new 'do. Doesn't he look handsome? And he's single too, ladies. (But he says he wants to stay that way).

I was going to go see Sara and her crew at her eldest's soccer game, but he stayed home because of an ear infection. I hope he's feeling better.

Then it was back home to go to work. (Bleah) When I got back I caught a few minutes of the new WB Buzz Bunny. I was unimpressed. But the kids seemed to like it, so maybe WB knows what they're doing.

Worked the rest of the day, I got home around 7 and picked up some Chinese food on the way home. Thought of Dave while we were eating our American Chinese food and wondered if he was eating Chinese American food. Turns out he was. He called this morning and we talked for a bit. It sure is nice to hear his voice! But Hon, next time you call we're not talking about money again -- it's too stressful and that's not what I want to talk about! Put it in an email!

So then I went to lunch with my MiL and SiL. And the kids. We had a great time, and the buffet was great Dave!

Younger Son didn't want his picture taken, but I finally caught him.

We had to have intensive negotiations with Older Son, though. But his aunt finally prevailed.

Knitting News!

I finished all the pieces of the Devan cardigan and started putting them together. The shoulders and fronts call for a three-needle bind-off. Now, I generally don't do three needle bind-offs because I view it as a cop-out on sewing a seam. But, I figured, I'll do it just this once. Well, I had more trouble with those 18 stitches....First I did it from the wrong side. Rip. Then I realized I'd dropped a stitch on the back. Rip. Then I found I'd dropped a stitch on the front. Sheesh. I've ripped and picked up for (hopefully) the last time. I'm counting the stitches this time. So why did I think this would be easier than the seam?

Here's my Girlie yarns. The Lion Brand Magic Stripe yarn I found at the local discount yarn store for $4 a (100g) ball,

and the Kroy colors have been discontinued (at least according to the Ram Wools catalog) and so I got them for only $2.50 a (50g) ball. Can you see how good the colors look together? I'm psyched about it.

Oh, and my comments are fixed. I was getting e-mails from a blog reader and I kept wondering why she just didn't leave messages in the comments. So I finally checked. The settings were such that only the blogger (me) could post. Duh. But, in my defense, I distinctly remember setting that so that anyone could post. I reset it and while I was there I toggled something else and the setting went back to only allowing me to post. Apparently there's some kind of Blogger bug that resets this to locking everyoned else out whenever any kind of change is made to the comments settings. So anyone else out there using Blogger having comments issues (and I've seen a couple) this could be it!

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