Thursday, September 29, 2005

There's A Chill in the Air

It's Sweater Weather Baby! Doesn't every knitter's thoughts turn to sweaters, the making and the wearing of, when the weather turns colder? And there's only 86 days until Christmas--Hope I didn't frighten anyone.

I finished the second sleeve of my Sports Team sweater and started the back. All the stripey bits are done. I hope to finish up this weekend. No new picture (how exciting can you make a sleeve?) so I'll post a picture of a blast from the past. Since the thermometer's starting to dip I present this:

I made this set for a co-worker for her birthday. The yarn is Bernat's Galaxy in the Venus colorway. It is meant to match her pink coat (with grey/tan fur trim). The yarn was pretty much a perfect match. No pattern, I just worked them up as I went along.

The Boys and I watched The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Pretty good, not as good as the book. Older Son read the book (we got a special edition DVD that came with the book, cost 80 cents more). And is now tearing the house apart looking for The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. All we found was So Long and Thanks For All the Fish. I'll probably have to go out and buy them. Don't you hate having to re-buy something you know you already own?

The Governor should have come and gone in Anyang. Hopefully I'll hear from Dave in the next day or two about how everything went. Maybe he'll even have time now to send some pictures!

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Anonymous said...

Fall's my favorite time of year too! And I love pink!