Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Missed the beginning of my second favorite show! (House) Last night I missed my favorite show altogether (Medium). It's rough when you only watch three or four shows on TV a week...I just can't keep up.

So I finished sleeve one on my Devan cardigan and started sleeve two. Exciting, no? Especially when you consider that this is the first of two sweaters like this I'm making. This one being the smaller, the other will be in the largest size and will be for the big sister. And, I just realized I have to have these done by next Friday! Yikes! I may have to call the Knitter's Hotline!

In Other News

I got to talk to Dave twice today! Yeah! He called this morning and talked to me awhile at work, and then again this evening and got to talk to Older Son. (Younger Son was out at Youth Group and unfortunately missed the call.) He seems in a bit better spirits, the Governor's visit was delayed a day. They finally installed enough hardware that he was able to test his software part yesterday (actually, today, but it's tomorrow there right now.) Things worked surprisingly well, there were only a few minor problems. Now he just has to be careful he doesn't trample the Governor or his entourage in the hotel on his way to work tomorrow (cause Dave's staying in the nicest hotel Anyang has to offer, and where else would the Governor stay?) Let's all just hope the Governor doesn't want to discuss the project with the 'American'. Cause it's not like Dave can "blend in" or be inconspicuous or anything....

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