Monday, September 26, 2005

It Stinks

I mean that literally. Something outside my window really stinks and I have no idea what it is. I have no great burning desire to go and investigate, either. Isn't this what I got married for? I had to shut the window it was so bad. Maybe it's the garbage on the back porch -- I'll take it out by the garage tomorrow and see if that makes things better. Thing is, when I was outside at ground level I couldn't smell anything. It's just something that's wafting in on the second floor.

On the Lego front, Deep-Sea Lego Guy is still on the newell post upstairs, while his accomplice has disappeared. No doubt gone off to report to the others while Deep-Sea Lego Guy stands guard over the bathroom and environs.

I finished my first Devan sweater! Everyone at work was duly impressed (I finished sewing on the bus and spent part of my lunch working in the ends.) I have to get some buttons and then I'll post pics. I've got the fronts of my second one done and have started the first sleeve.

And finally, think kind thoughts for me on Wednesday night -- it's Back to School Night, I have to go meet all the kids' teachers. I must make an extra effort to leave work early (or at least on time) so I can get to the school by 6:30 (Back to School Night starts at 7) in order to sign up for the choice spots for parent-teacher conferences. Last year some of the teachers ran out of conference time! And for the others I was left with hours in between conferences. I'm going to be prepared this time! It'll be like Bargain Day at the department store -- I'll be running in and pushing other parents out of the way....

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