Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I am obsessed with this Noro Striped Scarf. I thought that maybe after Yarn Harlot made hers that I was the last knitter in North America to make one, but Celtic Queen hasn’t made one yet so that would make me the Penultimate Knitter. I love it. It has everything I want in a scarf – black to go with my winter coat, pink so the guys won’t steal it. Changing colors to keep me interested.
The colors are Silk Garden 282 (pinks and green) and 252 (black, dark blue, green). I was concerned that the greens would align, which they did for a couple of rows in the first two balls. But I’m even enamored of these muddled bits where I can’t tell one stripe from the next. I find myself wishing for someone on my Christmas list that I can make one of these for.
I started this Saturday afternoon (after meeting up with Celtic Queen, Heather, DPUTiger, and Julia at the new location of Bloomin Yarns). I finished it last night and wore it today.
In other news, it turns out that I really do work in the salt mines, or might as well. There was a water main break outside our building so we had no water. They shut down the restrooms and told us we couldn't leave. Two and a half hours later they brought in Port a Johns. Seriously. I'm planning on going in late tomorrow. I hope the bathrooms are back in service by then.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

November Day

Today is one of those gray, weepy November days. Dark, overcast, and dripping rain. Thoroughly depressing. Most of our foliage color is gone now. There are still a few painted maples (I believe that is the variety from my 3 minutes of research on the subject) that are breathtakingly beautiful. These are always spectacular in the fall. If I were planting a tree, this is the kind I would plant. Our color this month is the deeper fall colors of dark gold, russet, and the occasional intense red. And the more and more visible dark brown and gray branches. On sunny days the contrast with the blue sky from deep indigo to that clear deep autumn blue is fabulous. It’s inspiring me to a Fairisle colorway. Leaves in the golds, russets, deep reds with all the shades of blue as background. Hmmmm. I should maybe work up some charts…
Yes, Heather, Sidelines has been sidelined, at least temporarily. I’ve been inspired to work on gifts (They’ve had a Christmas tree on display at Wal-Mart for the past two weeks! Not that I go in, but I can see it in the entry way when I go into the grocery store next door.) And speaking of the grocery store, another, happier sign of the season is that my favorite Christmas Tree cakes are on the shelves. Mmmm. I’ve gone through two boxes in almost three weeks, which I believe is a display of considerable restraint on my part. Finally, Younger Son’s birthday was yesterday. I forgot to tell him happy birthday before I left in the morning (Celtic Queen said it was like Sixteen Candles) and Dave ended up working extremely late. But I tried to make it up to him by bringing home a dozen chocolate chip cookies from Nancy B’s Bakery (the best chocolate chip cookies in Pittsburgh). I thought he would like them better than a cake (which he did).

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hey Now

So here's my current WiP. It's Hey, Teach. Knit with vintage Cotton Ease from my stash. A very quick and easy knit. I started on Saturday and have the back and both fronts done. I might get a sleeve done tonight. I hope the finished sweater looks ok.
In other fiber news I've also gotten my first batt from Loop's "Seriously Spontaneous Spinning Club". Yummy! You know me, all tonal neutrals or screaming brights. And white is my favorite color! Can't wait to see how this looks spun up. I just have to shovel out the living room so I can set up the wheel there. Turns out the furnace really is broken, but since the weather has warmed, there's no sense of urgency for the guys to clean up. ::sigh::
I voted yesterday. I spotted Dave walking across the parking lot as I was driving out after voting. I tried to tell him that republicans were supposed to vote on Wednesday, but he didn't buy it. He was not very gracious in defeat, though. Now I feel like the day after Christmas. All that build-up and now what?