Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blame It On Pluto

You're absolutely right, Heather! And it's funny you should mention that. We've been blaming everything that's gone wrong at work on Pluto and the universe being out of alignment!! I personally think the IAU should let Pluto back into the planetary fold. They can make everything else a "Dwarf Planet" (whatever) but they should make an exception for Pluto. It's not as if it's without precedent. The moon is no moon, you know. Nope, not a true satellite (if you define satellite as an object orbiting a planet) at all. It's really a sister planet to the earth in an intertwined orbit with us (but we still call it a moon). So let's start a campaign to SAVE PLUTO! If you agree contact the IAU and let them know your opinion. And tell everyone that you know, too. Start one of those e-mail chain letters. Maybe if we flood them with e-mails they'll change their minds.

In knitting news, I've joined up my sweater for the long knit to the bottom. And I did not go back and fix the error I pictured yesterday. I've gotten blase about these things. Or lazy. Take your pick.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I Am Not a Stoic

And I can't count to four, either. I have to admit to a certain struggle to come up with light hearted things to write about here. I truly detest whiney, complaining blogs and swore from the outset that I wouldn't do that here. But the truth is that I'm dealing with a lot of pain every day and it's kinda getting me down. Don't get me wrong -- the Sadist says I'm making excellent progress (in fact I think he's always a little disappointed that I don't get as excited as he does about it) but it's been a rough few weeks with only the prospect of several more to come. So if my witty repartee seems a bit strained, that's why. I've come to the sad conclusion that I am not a stoic. Who knew? Well actually maybe lots of people, but fortunately Dave never comments here anyways...

And the counting to four? See the big huge knitting mistake, where I couldn't count to four properly and included only half the pattern rows? Yeah. I'm with it.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dave's Ugly Shirt

Since it's Tuesday, I'll tell the story of Dave's Ugly Shirt since it happened on a couple of Tuesdays long ago....

It all started when Dave decided to go clothes shopping by himself. He arrived home one day and informed me he had bought himself a shirt.

"Really?" I asked in apprehension.

"Yes," he announced proudly and pulled the shirt out of a shopping bag.

"That's a really ugly shirt." I said.

"You're just saying that because you didn't pick it out," he sulked.

"No, no, I'm saying it because it's really ugly." I replied. "I guess you're not going to take it back?"

"No way," he said. "I really like it."

"OK look like an idiot if you want to, but don't tell anyone I picked it out." I shrugged and let it go.

It happened that at the time Dave co-hosted an acoustic open stage at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern. So he decided to wear his Ugly Shirt to perform in. Well, remember when we had that Tornado go through Pittsburgh several years back? Yeah, it was that Tuesday night. It seemed even the cosmos thought it was an ugly shirt. Dave arrived at the BBT and discovered there was no power and ended up having to perform in the dark. When he got home I said to him, "So I heard your shirt was so ugly they turned out all the lights."

"There was a power outage," Dave said.

"That's what they told you," I replied. "They just didn't want to look at that shirt!"

"You'll see, this is a great shirt and everyone else will think so too!"

Dave wore the shirt again the next time he performed. Standing there on stage, he launched into the story of how he had picked this shirt out himself and how his wife had disparaged it, saying it was ugly. He went on to say that I was just saying it was ugly because he had picked it out himself. He says the guys in the audience were just eating it up. Finally he asked, "So what about it -- all you guys, is this a great shirt or what??" And the place broke out in cheers and applause. Flushed with his success he shouted, "OK, you women out there, let's hear it. What do you think of this shirt??"


So there you have it, the story of Dave's ugly shirt. (Yeah, he still wears it. Yeah, I still think it's ugly.) HA! And a final commentary - it's so ugly Blogger won't even upload a picture of it!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

First Day of School

Today was the boys' first day of school, and I'm exhausted. We had to go out and fight the wild horde at Wal-Mart to try and find school stuff this evening. Couldn't do it. Finally found what we needed next door at the Giant Eagle where we had to go to get some grocery essentials like milk and orange juice. Then home and starting the PT workout. I just finished - It takes me awhile because I have to take breaks in between exercises to allow the pain to subside. I usually do something -- read a blog, or short story in the gap.

I'm still knitting the Baby Sweater. I'm using the "English Mesh" lace from BGW's Treasury #1. It's a six stitch repeat, but I'm ok because I'm using a heavier yarn (sport) and larger needles (6) than the original pattern calls for. It's coming along pretty well, I have the yoke and the first sleeve almost done. I'll try to get a picture up tomorrow, I have to admit I'm a bit too exhausted tonight. Off to bed...

Thursday, August 24, 2006

"T" Is For...

It's Thursday, a day that begins with "T" and that stands for Torture! Yes, I went to visit the sadist today. He says he is pleased with my progress so next week he's going to take it up a notch. I can hardly wait!

I was thinking about the baby sweater that I have to make and suddenly it struck me! I've signed up for Sock Wars. I may still be knitting into October, when the baby will arrive. That means I have to get this done before September 22 (that's just over three weeks). So I made an immediate decision and the outcome is to the left there. EZ's "Easy Baby Sweater on Two Needles, Practically Seamless". Using stash yarn, gotta love it. I'm using a different number of stitches in the cast-on and I may sub another lace pattern. We'll see.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Unfaithfully Yours

For the first time in a long time I've been unfaithful to a book. I'd been reading A Game of Thrones for awhile now, and struggling with it the whole time. I don't know, it just seemed so...sad. After Memoirs of a Geisha that made two sad books in a row. What I really wanted was a happy book. So I succumbed and started on the Herriot books. And I'm much happier for it! Hopefully a bit of lightheartedness will bring me back to an appreciation of George R. R. Martin.

I'm still knitting the same sock. But I have to knit a baby sweater in the near future. I'm trying to decide which one. I'm thinking maybe Pea Pod (if I can find yarn in the stash). Celtic Queen made one, and Heather made one. I've succumbed to the peer pressure. There's also Devan, which has the dual advantages of that I have the yarn in the stash and it's a newborn size (baby will be born in October). But I've already knitted it three times. Ho hum. There's also Cottage Creations "Babies & Bears" sweater, another tried and true contender. And finally, EZ's "Our Best Baby Sweater" knit several times, but I could always dust off the BGW's and trot out a new lace pattern. Hmmmmm.

Well, gotta go, Older Son is having a teenage angst ridden meltdown. Wouldn't want to miss that.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Short Post

Here's the latest sock in progress, Beach Socks I resting on the solution to my wardrobe dilemma. I discussed it with a friend at work and she agreed that I should get some shorts. I looked at lunch to no avail, but then I was early enough off the trolley that I had enough time to pop into a nearby store and get some exercise shorts. They fit nicely under my skirt and my modesty is now intact. (Darn it!) But they sure do feel wierd.

In other news, Celtic Queen has finished a sleeve and almost a back of another Celting sweater. She's on fire! And she even had time to work out at the gym! She and the Celtings met me after my PT (the gym is in the same building). I will say however, that the Celtings were looking a bit scruffy. I was relieved, because it meant she hadn't been replaced by a Stepford wife. But I gotta get me some of whatever she's drinking!

And finally, Dave wore his Ugly Shirt today. He hadn't worn it in awhile. Sometime I'll have to tell the story of Dave's Ugly Shirt, it's a good one!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Still Here

Still hanging around. Nothing much to report. My torture session was cancelled on Thursday (wishful thinking does work!). I've been struggling along with my stretching excercises in the hopes that the next session will be less painful. The stretches are painful enough. My hope is that the Sadist will say something like "Wow, you've really been working hard! You deserve a night off. How about some cake?" What do you think?

Saturday I was feeling under the weather (a bad migraine). I was too sick/sore even to knit, so I spent most of the day in bed reading. Sunday was taken up with errands and more reading. Some knitting on the bus today, I've just finished the gusset on Beach Socks I. Meanwhile, Celtic Queen e-mailed me to tell me she finished a little Big Sven sweater over the weekend. At the birthday party last Thursday she showed me the sweater she was just finishing for the Smaller Celting for Christmas. Christmas knitting! Already! I'm a slacker!

And finally, I come to you all with a wardrobe dilemma. WHAT should I wear to PT? My work clothes? (Really, I don't have time to change.) And I know this is wierd, but -- I don't own any shorts, or pants (sweat or otherwise). This has never really been an issue before. But I'm in PT not only for my shoulder, but also for my knee (we just haven't worked around to that portion of my anatomy yet). So I imagine eventually therapy will involve some leg lifting and manipulation. Kinda hard to do politely (ahem) in a skirt. Should I buy some shorts? Make CQ come on an emergency shorts run? (The appt. is at 6:15!) And should I wear the shorts under my skirt? I'd feel wierd wearing them to the appt, but there really aren't facilities there for me to change. Should I even care? The guy's a professional (and a hottie), right? So ok, maybe some sweat pants and a t-shirt...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Happy Birthday, Pap!

Today was Pap's 85th birthday. He grew up in Homestead, where his single mom ran a boarding house and raised him and his older brother with the help of the boarders. He fought in WWII in both the Pacific (the Aleutians) and European theaters. He was at the Battle of the Bulge, and the liberation of Dachau. He was once fined by Patton himself for a 'relaxed' attitude while on guard duty! After the war he returned home and began working at J&L Steel and continued to work there until he was forced into retirement when the mill closed in the 1980's. He raised 4 children of his own after his first wife passed away. He then met and married my mother in 1975 and took on the task of raising three more teenage girls! When grandchildren started to appear he took care of another generation of children (Older Son among them) changing diapers and playing 'Beauty Parlor'. He still misses my mom greatly.
I know the cake has candles that say "86". He's really 85. Those were the only candles in the house. So he'll be 86 forever. Or maybe next year 68.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sock News

I am so totally enamoured with my new socks that Bobbi made me. Look, did I mention the cute picot edging on them? I took a close-up. And, the ribbing is cool too. If I "read" the knitting right, it's a 2 X 3 rib with 2 knit sts, 1 garter st, a purl,and another garter. I like it! I think I might try it out myself! Thanks again Bobbi!

In other news, I finished Grey Socks 2.x and I'm knitting a cotton blend sock. It's going to be a ribbed, sporty style sock. This pair is for Older Son. (Blogger is giving me picture troubles again. Everyone hold your breath. Whew! There it is!) It reminds me of the beach a little. I hope he likes them!

Well, that's about it, unless you want to hear me whine about my shoulder, but I figured I'd save that until tomorrow when I see the sadist, er therapist.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


More about the shoulder in a minute. First things first. Here finally is the photo of my Other Secret Pal gifties. And Bobbi? What stitch did you use on the heel? It's super cool and nifty. And you know what? I didn't even notice until I looked at the picture that the color sequence matches! Wow, I am impressed. I'm usually too cheap, er lazy, er free spirited to match up self striping socks. Wow! (And let's just blame my lack of perceptiveness on tiredness. The girl at the drug store told me I looked like I'd had a long day when I stopped in on my way home to buy an ice pack. You know it's bad when people trying to sell you something say you look bad.)

I had another torture session today. It involved electrodes (and that was the pleasant part!) The Hottie told me he was going to be gentle with me. If that was gentle, I'm terrified of going back on Thursday. At one point I almost said to him "You know, if we were married this would be grounds for divorce." I think he may be a sadist. He mentioned bringing in a hatchet and I think he was serious.

Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm Back!

And as usual my vacation wasn't long enough! We had a great time, though. Younger Son was so happy to see me! (And me him!) My first photo is of me in the Airport. I sat down and proceeded to graft my Hot Shrug together while waiting for my flight to Florida. Everyone was commenting about how cold it was, so as soon as I finished I slipped it on!
It was the perfect weight, I felt great!

We spent the week relaxing, it was wonderful! I think YS was a bit bored, though. But he caught a couple of lizards. (And then released them.) We also spent some time at the beach, and he had lots of fun collecting shells. (Despite his expression -- that was because he didn't want his picture taken.) I enjoyed seeing my sisters. I was crying going through security because I didn't want to leave.

I started Physical Therapy today and it was torture! I have the same hottie my dad had. All I can say is -- good thing he has such amazing blue eyes, because I was tempted to punch him in one when he manipulated my shoulder. He says the process is going to be very painful. How painful, you ask? When I did my assigned home exercises, I was in so much pain I felt like I was going to throw up. Really. And I have several more months of this to look forward to. What joy.

So to make up for all of that -- I came home today to a package from my Other Secret Pal! Yippee!! There're socks for me!! And they fit perfectly! I love them! A big boo to Blogger for not letting me upload the picture. Tomorrow, I promise! I'll describe it now -- I got some great socks, and amazing sock yarn (in a navy colorway, my new color obsession), some "Happy Birthday" jellybeans, and some "L" post it notes. And here's what's amazing - someone at work had gotten me some that had a "G" on them because there were no "L" ones at the store, but I was generous and gave them to my friend who didn't have any (whose name started with "G"). Now I have some "L" ones! See, it pays to be generous!!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Still With the Not Packing

I leave tomorrow afternoon for Florida and I haven't packed yet. I'm not really sure what I'm waiting for here. It could be laundry, but I'm not doing that either. It's looking like I'm going to take laundry with me and wash it at my Sis'. But, I did pick up my new glasses and contacts. They're both bifocals, so I'm a bit out of focus while my eyes are "learning". Whatever.

I finished Grey Socks II and have cast-on and am past the ribbing on the first of Grey Socks 2.1. But I'm not going to even try with the picture.

Well, I'd better get to bed. I have to get up early tomorrow to fit in all my last minute packing.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Packing (Or Not)

Hmmm, Blogger is still experiencing some kind of technical difficulties with uploading pictures. How disappointing! ('Cause you're all here for the photos, right?) I've decided what I'm taking for my vacation knitting. Since it will be Florida, and the hottest days of the summer (how bright am I?) I'm opting for small projects. i.e. Socks. I'm at the toe decrease on Grey Socks II, so will finish them tomorrow during my commute. I will then cast on for Grey Socks Version 2.2, or the version with solid grey cuff, heel, and toe so as to differentiate them from Grey Socks I and II. (Those were for Older Son, these [and Grey Socks Version 2.1] are for Younger Son. Are we all straight?) So I have those for airport, etc. knitting.
And should I finish them during my vacation, I'm taking along yarn for some Summer Cotton Blend Socks. (The photo is recycled, which apparently Blogger will allow me to do.) Cotton Blend Socks seem appropriate to Florida.

And a note to my Other Secret Pal -- I'm leaving this Saturday, Aug. 5 and will return the following Saturday, Aug. 12. But, I'm the only one going. OS and Dave will be here, so if you send the package they'll just keep it for me and I'll get it when I get back Saturday night. Whatever works for you.

And as an aside here -- YS is in Florida and gets to have a vacation with me next week, and he also got to have a vacation with Dave earlier in the summer (Boy Scout camp). OS doesn't get to go anywhere with anyone for vacation. And he's happy with that! Teenagers, go figure.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I spent my entire evening creating my first wire jewelry project. The book says it's an ancient Egyptian design. I'd love to show a picture, but Blogger won't let me. Drat! Maybe I can update tomorrow. Flush with my success with the bracelet, I created a lovely necklace in navy and dark green beads for a friend who wears those colors alot. I think it will make a nice gift. (I hope!)

In knitting news, I have used up a skein of yarn! The totals to the left have been updated. I'm still a couple of inches away from finishing the second sock of this pair (Grey Socks II), though.

And my worrying has continued to keep the boys and Dave safe for another day, thank you very much. Really, I should say this is the power of prayer -- I can't take the credit for it! (But I still wish it burned up more calories!)

And since I'm leaving Saturday for my vacation in Florida, I'm beginning to think about vacation knitting projects. Socks, of course. But what else?? If anything? My sis keeps me hopping, and there's really not much time for knitting, so maybe socks will be it. And I don't think I'll get to any yarn shops on this trip (but there's always hope!).

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Worry Works

Proof! I present the following testament to the power of worrying. Yesterday I got an e-mail from my sis telling me that Younger Son had lost his glasses. He said he had jumped into the water (the river) and that they were just gone. Of course he had not put on the floating glasses holder that I'd bought just for situations like this, and that his aunt had told him to put on his glasses when she dropped him off at camp that very morning. I thought that the insurance policy we paid for with the glasses would cover the loss. So I called. No such luck. So I was faced with putting out ~$150 that I didn't have to replace the glasses. Dave and I discussed it and decided that we would take him for an eye exam and order him new glasses when he got home, so he would have them for school. He would just have to muddle through (he still had his prescription sun glasses) until then. In the meantime, I was up worrying about him losing them, and the expense, and whether or not he could try to find them for a fair portion of the night last night. And guess what? I got an e-mail from my sis today telling me he had found them. It worked!! What a relief! Again, if I could only burn more calories this way.

I am past the gusset, and hoving in on the toe of the second sock of Grey Socks II. And I'm pretty sure I'll be able to use up another skein of yarn! Oh the excitement. I don't know how you can stand it.

I also ordered a catalog from Fire Mountain Gems. I'm bad.