Thursday, August 03, 2006

Packing (Or Not)

Hmmm, Blogger is still experiencing some kind of technical difficulties with uploading pictures. How disappointing! ('Cause you're all here for the photos, right?) I've decided what I'm taking for my vacation knitting. Since it will be Florida, and the hottest days of the summer (how bright am I?) I'm opting for small projects. i.e. Socks. I'm at the toe decrease on Grey Socks II, so will finish them tomorrow during my commute. I will then cast on for Grey Socks Version 2.2, or the version with solid grey cuff, heel, and toe so as to differentiate them from Grey Socks I and II. (Those were for Older Son, these [and Grey Socks Version 2.1] are for Younger Son. Are we all straight?) So I have those for airport, etc. knitting.
And should I finish them during my vacation, I'm taking along yarn for some Summer Cotton Blend Socks. (The photo is recycled, which apparently Blogger will allow me to do.) Cotton Blend Socks seem appropriate to Florida.

And a note to my Other Secret Pal -- I'm leaving this Saturday, Aug. 5 and will return the following Saturday, Aug. 12. But, I'm the only one going. OS and Dave will be here, so if you send the package they'll just keep it for me and I'll get it when I get back Saturday night. Whatever works for you.

And as an aside here -- YS is in Florida and gets to have a vacation with me next week, and he also got to have a vacation with Dave earlier in the summer (Boy Scout camp). OS doesn't get to go anywhere with anyone for vacation. And he's happy with that! Teenagers, go figure.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I'll ship your box right away then so that it's waiting for you when you get home.
Your OSP