Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I spent my entire evening creating my first wire jewelry project. The book says it's an ancient Egyptian design. I'd love to show a picture, but Blogger won't let me. Drat! Maybe I can update tomorrow. Flush with my success with the bracelet, I created a lovely necklace in navy and dark green beads for a friend who wears those colors alot. I think it will make a nice gift. (I hope!)

In knitting news, I have used up a skein of yarn! The totals to the left have been updated. I'm still a couple of inches away from finishing the second sock of this pair (Grey Socks II), though.

And my worrying has continued to keep the boys and Dave safe for another day, thank you very much. Really, I should say this is the power of prayer -- I can't take the credit for it! (But I still wish it burned up more calories!)

And since I'm leaving Saturday for my vacation in Florida, I'm beginning to think about vacation knitting projects. Socks, of course. But what else?? If anything? My sis keeps me hopping, and there's really not much time for knitting, so maybe socks will be it. And I don't think I'll get to any yarn shops on this trip (but there's always hope!).

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Anonymous said...

Oh no! I was putting together your parcel today for shipping. How long will you be gone? I'll plan to ship your box for your return.
Your Other SP