Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Worry Works

Proof! I present the following testament to the power of worrying. Yesterday I got an e-mail from my sis telling me that Younger Son had lost his glasses. He said he had jumped into the water (the river) and that they were just gone. Of course he had not put on the floating glasses holder that I'd bought just for situations like this, and that his aunt had told him to put on his glasses when she dropped him off at camp that very morning. I thought that the insurance policy we paid for with the glasses would cover the loss. So I called. No such luck. So I was faced with putting out ~$150 that I didn't have to replace the glasses. Dave and I discussed it and decided that we would take him for an eye exam and order him new glasses when he got home, so he would have them for school. He would just have to muddle through (he still had his prescription sun glasses) until then. In the meantime, I was up worrying about him losing them, and the expense, and whether or not he could try to find them for a fair portion of the night last night. And guess what? I got an e-mail from my sis today telling me he had found them. It worked!! What a relief! Again, if I could only burn more calories this way.

I am past the gusset, and hoving in on the toe of the second sock of Grey Socks II. And I'm pretty sure I'll be able to use up another skein of yarn! Oh the excitement. I don't know how you can stand it.

I also ordered a catalog from Fire Mountain Gems. I'm bad.

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Heather said...

yarn, beads and amazing sex... I cannot stand it!!