Monday, July 31, 2006


Friday was knitting night at B&N. As we were leaving, we noticed this. It was right next to The Idiot's Guide to Boating and Sailing. Hmmm, which one would you choose? There was a guide to Dating as well. We felt they should have been a matched set. (And note, it's not just plain regular, but Amazing.) It was the source of much hilarity.

I'm still knitting on Grey Socks II, I just turned the heel this morning and am on the gusset of sock #2 of the pair.

But I spent this evening making this:
Which will eventually become the bracelet on the right here. (I'll probably do the earrings, though too.) I caved, and bought a couple of books on jewelry making (both wire and wire and beads) this weekend with the gift certificate I got for my birthday. I'm enamored. (Look! It's shiny!) And I don't even wear jewelry. (Really, not at all.) I've been putting off the siren call of the beads for years, now; but it was finally just all too much for me. I'm weak.

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Anonymous said...

your twin sister loves shiny jewelry