Monday, July 10, 2006

So Long Old Blue

Dave's car finally gave up the ghost on Friday. After 15 years and over 288,000 miles our 1992 Toyota Corolla wagon's heart (actually, I think it was an engine bearing) finally gave out. We bought it new (our first new car), and drove all those 288,000+ miles except for twelve. We were a bit disappointed (we were both hoping for 300,000) but it did have a good long life. Dave went out today and purchased a brand new Subaru Forester. We're hoping for another 288,000+ miles.

I'm still knitting my Secret Blue Project. I'm more than half way done with it. Tomorrow will bring several doctor's visits, with all the knitting opportunity that implies.

And Holly, I think I've gotten over the Sudoku thing. (I knew it would be just an impetuous fling. I'm fickle like that.)

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