Friday, July 07, 2006

Rip It, Rip It Good...

My Blue Secret Project? Not so good. I had to rip back today. Quite a bit. (About half of what I'd knitted so far.)
(Note: NOT my project, just an illustration. I can't show you the Secret Blue Project because it's, well Secret.)
Other knitting? Non-existant. I have to shamefully admit I have been seduced by the Evil Sudoku. Twice in the past week I have spent my commuting and lunch time Sudoku-ing instead of knitting. I know, I'm weak. BUT, I've worked my way up to the "Hardest" puzzles in the book. Which is, by the way, Older Son's "Loaner" book. He keeps his "real" book with all the truly diabolical puzzles to himself. This is the one he lends out to keep people out his book. Butter for the cat's paws, as it were. I don't think Dave has even solved a "Hardest" in this book, although I see one he was working on.

Also, I'm working on getting Younger Son packed and off to spend a month with his aunt in Florida. I'm nervous. I'm also doing laundry and packing. So pretty busy but not much knitting getting done.

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hollyboc said...

Sudoku - I'd rather be shot than have to do that. Isn't that funny? I guess if we were all the same it would be a pretty boring world!