Thursday, July 20, 2006

You Say It's Your Birthday

It's my birthday too, yeah.... I had lots of doughnuts, and some bagels and muffins at work. Then my co-workers took me out for lunch, and then off for dinner at my Mother-in-Law's. I'm stuffed. And for birthday loot, I got some beautiful flowers from my sister delivered to work, and this:
From my Mother-in-Law a monogrammed knitting bag and some green(!) novelty yarns (They're in a kit to make a butt-ugly scarf, but I'll use them for something else.) and a very nice outfit. From my Sister-in-Law, some perfume, and from Dave, the chocolate pretzels. Yeah, my In-Laws are great. And my sister and Younger Son also sent me a birthday card and gift card. Dave's going to get me the Vacuum of My Dreams next weekend, too! And I got birthday greetings from family (My Evil Twin, Sister, and YS all called and sang "Happy Birthday" to me today!) and friends (I got a sheep e-card from my Other Secret Pal! And an e-mail from Heather who is currently homeless err, staying with her MiL while her floors are being finished). So a good day. And more to come, because chez moi we don't just have a birthday, we have a week long Birthday Extravaganza! Yeah, we love a good party. Or conversely, we haven't got alot going on.

I'm still knitting the grey socks. But moving right along. Lots of bus knitting. The other day it took me over an hour and a half to get home. I don't know what the hold up was (no, it wasn't the bus accident) but I was happy enough to just sit and knit. I'm approaching the toe on the first sock of the pair. And I've got the second skein of the rayon boucle balled up and ready to be knit. Dave and I are going to the Pittsburgh Blues Festival on Saturday, so that should afford lots of knitting time. I might get the shrug finished. Maybe even a pair of socks!

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Anonymous said...

I have learned that birthday celebrations that last longer than two days are known as "Birthday Festivals". Personally, I like the sounds of a "festival", especially when yarn is involved.
Your Other Secret Pal