Monday, July 24, 2006

My Weekend

Whew! I had alot to get done this weekend, and managed to do it. We got Older Son a new suit, so he can look fabu for his senior picture this week. He gets three poses, one with the suit, one in his normal "dressy" black polo shirt, and one in his birthday sweater. I have to get him a shirt to go with the birthday sweater, I'll bring it along and we'll get one when we pick up the suit on Wed.

I got my new driver's license. And the picture looks just like my old one! I wasn't even thinking about it on Saturday, but I wore my hair the same way I did for my last picture, and it was the first time in years I'd worn it that way. Wierd.

Then I got my dad's prescriptions filled, and did his grocery shopping.

Next! Went to the Pittsburgh Blues festival with Dave. We got free tickets. Our favorite was The Jimmy Adler Blues Band. We know Jimmy -- he and Dave used to work together, and they've played together a couple of times. His daughter and Older Son were born within three weeks of each other; Dave and two of his co-workers all become fathers within a three week span. Anyways, he's a nice guy, and I like the band's sound. Get the cd -- support a local band! (You may have heard them on WYEP, they're getting some air time there.) We've got ours, and it's autographed!

Sunday I managed to pick up my x-rays to take to the orthopedist. (Tomorrow's the big day!) and then Dave, Older Son and I went out to dinner to celebrate my birthday at Outback. And you know I had the Chocolate Thunder. But they wouldn't sing "Happy Birthday" to me. They did to the girl at the next table, and made her cry. I guess they figured that was enough drama for one evening.

And did I get some knitting done? Well duh! I was sitting there at the Blues Festival for over seven hours. I started sleeve two of my Hot Shrug when we got there (I tried starting in the car, but the yarn was too slippery, and I had metal needles.) and got most of it done. I will hopefully finish this up this week. I can wear it to work next week, then. Yeah! (Well, that is, as long as I do some laundry.)

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Heather said...

Oh, you are a spoiled girl!! Sounds like a lot of fun.