Monday, March 31, 2008

I've Decided

Well, I got sucked back into Ravelry this weekend. (I hadn't been there since my fall in November.) To be honest, I have mixed feelings about Ravelry. I keep getting the same vibes I had in High School, to whit: I'm not really part of the "In Crowd". Am I the only knitter on the planet who finds it just a teensy bit...cliquish? Anyways, back to my point, I spent several hours over the weekend looking at "a random assortment of Favorites" (which brings me back to the clique thing again. Not one single Raveler of my acquaintance had a project show up here. What are the odds of that? That's alot of little hearts to skip over. And before you ask, I was seeing repeats of other projects.) OK, ok, back on track. One of the projects I did see, and put in my queue was the cardigan I'm going to use all my skeins of Highlander to make. Yeah! You can see it here. Now I just have to decide on the range of my stripes (I'm thinking 1-15 rows) and then assign numbers to the colors and do a couple of random draws to set up the color sequence and the stripe widths. I've already decided the edgings will all be in the Blackthorn color, and in seed stitch. But gosh, I've got alot of balls to wind. Wonder who could help me with that??
Here's how far I got on my Green Cotton Sock over the weekend. This yarn definately gets a thumbs up from me. IMHO it may be the ideal cotton sock yarn. (I hear rumors that someone makes a variegated version. Be still my heart.) (And notice how I "posed" it? I'm trying.)

Friday, March 28, 2008


Still trying to include the arty pictures. It doesn't help that I visited BrooklynTweed today either. I finished the Grey Cotton Socks last night. (What do you think of this picture? I'm thinking maybe a C). I thought the grey sock would show up nicely against the cool yellow color my hallway is painted. But it was too dark for the picture without the flash, and I couldn't back away enough to soften it out because I had to hold the sock myself. (I think this one is definitely a D.) I need better lighting and an assistant. (This would be true in all aspects of my life. I can't think of a single situation that wouldn't be improved by better lighting and an assistant.) Since I finished the grey sock, that meant that my favorite set of 2.25mm double points were free so I cast on immediately with my new cotton "sock yarn". (Also known as 8/4 carpet warp.) I chose this green color as the antithesis of the grey cotton socks I was struggling with for so long. So far I really like the yarn. I got some for dyeing, and some Procion MX fiber reactive dyes. The mind boggles. (How about this picture? Not as good as the first, but better than the second. I'll give it a C-. I guess I could have done something more artistic with the loops of yarn. It occurs to me I need better props, too.)

In other news, I was punished for leaving work early yesterday by being rear-ended on my drive home. The impact was hard enough to make my head snap back, but other than a slight headache when I got home, I seem to be none the worse for wear. And it doesn't look like there's any damage to the car. We're probably going to take it and have it checked over the weekend, though. Is it wrong that I'm secretly hoping they don't find anything, because I really don't want to be bothered?

I just had Younger Son get me a hot water bottle to put on my foot because I have a cramp. I remember my mom getting bad cramps in her feet when I was a kid, and I'd have to massage them out for her (I told YS how lucky he is.) Come to think about it, my mom would have been the same age then as I am now.

And finally, I had an absolutely delicious dream last night. It's been cheering me up all day. It's been years since I had such a happy dream. Usually my dreams are either 1)Anxious, 2)Apocalyptic, or 3)Just weird.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Daffodils and Devastation

Here are my daffodils I got for Daffodil Days at work. It's not quite the same as my last job, where virtually everyone got some daffodils and the whole floor was scented with them, but still nice. They've been brightening my desk since Tuesday.
I admit it. I was reading Yarnstorm today and I started thinking to myself, "Why don't I have arty pictures on my blog? I could probably get a book deal, and start working from home. I could finally do a real deep cleaning and decluttering so I could invite people to my house. Older son would invite a girl home to meet us and friends to study with and that will lead to his successful independent life. I would be here with Younger Son after school and turn him from the path of delinquency he's hurtling down. I'd make dinners every day and the guys and I would sit around the table smiling and happy. Everyone here would love me and no one would ever argue with me about doing the laundry or the dishes, they'd all be happy to help out."
So here's the picture of my devastated Easter bunny. I started with the ears and all that's left is his bottom. What do you think? Maybe I need a new camera.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pillows of the Earth

When I got my new bed I had to get new bedding (because this bed is bigger than any bed I've ever had. Ever!) and so I got one of those "Bed in a Bag" things with the skirt, comforter, sheets, pillowcases. I also got two extra sets of two pillowcases (four total) in a coordinating solid because we like alot of pillows. So that's six pillowcases in all. I sleep with three, I figured Dave sleeps with three, we're all set. NO. I don't know where Dave is pulling these pillows from, but everyday when I come to bed there're more pillows in need of pillowcases. And I know that Dave had them squirreled away in some secret lair known only to him (I'm beginning to be suspicious of the attic, though) because they're just here when I get home, which means that he's digging them out in the mornings after I leave for work. I swear that the one laying next to me now is one I got rid of in 1999 (or it's that one's twin.) I told him to buy new ones, which he did, but now he's unwilling to part with any of the old ones. Pretty soon he won't be able to fit in the bed anymore (you think I'm giving up my half for him and his pillow fetish?) That's my Noro sock in the front there, to give a bit of scale to the picture. I've turned the heel and am starting my gusset. Excitement! Still haven't finished the grey socks, maybe I'll do it tonight. And I'm starting to get psyched for MDS&W!! I think I might try to score some Kauni yarn. Anyone know for sure of a vendor who will be there with some?

Monday, March 24, 2008

And the Winner Is...

Drumroll please... I tallied my "Good Deed" comments and used a random number generator on the web to pick a winner and it's....Deborah at I Need To Knit. Who only entered once, but that's all it takes! Congratulations, Deborah! Contact me via e-mail with your color preference and address and I'll get on the phone and order your kit asap! You must blog about it extensively, so I feel like I've knit one of these, but don't have to make any kind of effort :) And I think this will make excellent recovery knitting. My mom was in and out of the hospital several times before she died, and after the initial crisis was over, and we knew that this time she would be ok, I used to go and sit with her in the evenings and knit. She'd watch her TV shows, and we'd sometimes chat, sometimes just sit in companionable silence. It was pleasant for both of us; the boys were very young, and I didn't have alot of opportunities to just sit and knit, and my mom was happy just to have someone there with her who was happy to be there. They're some of my best memories of time spent with her.

My new bed was delivered on Saturday! Yay! It ginormous! It feels like Dave's over there in a whole other country. I've slept great these past two nights, too. I love it.
Speaking of the new bed, when we took out the old bed, guess what I found? (Well, lots of dust buffaloes, but besides that.) Yes! The mate to the Grey Sock. Right where I thought it was, and had even looked for it several times, but it had gotten wedged between the bed frame and the wall, so I couldn't spot it until I moved the bed out of the way completely. And joy of joy, the second sock is close enough in size that I'll call them a match! I'm working the toe decreases on it now.
And lest we forget the Noro sock, I'm almost done with the heel flap.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Spring has arrived! I saw about 10,000 robins while out driving around today, and the bulbs in front of my work building are definately coming up (I keep forgetting to check on the progress of my daffodil while there's enough daylight to see it). Easter on Sunday, I think that wraps it all up. I wore my sweater today for Fred's Birthday. And I am off work tomorrow! Too bad I'm going to spend the whole day cleaning my bedroom in preparation for the arrival of my new bed on Saturday.
I'm feeling better today, it was a good day. Probably because yesterday was a bad day and I woke up this morning convinced I'm going to have to have back surgery in the near future. That's the way my life goes.
So I was feeling good, I don't have to get up for work tomorrow, why didn't I get to the knitting at Bloomin Yarns tonight, as I told people I would? Well, I got lost. I tried to go that way that I went with Celtic Queen those times that's so much shorter and easier. I was running late, it was almost 7:00 and the knitting group is only there until 8:00...Well I guess I should have made that right there where I wasn't sure if I should turn or not, because I ended up making a big huge circle and was back where I started from at 7:25. (But I did find out where that road goes if you follow it all the way to the end.) So I just headed home instead and consoled myself with a DQ Blizzard on the way. But I will make it to Borders for knitting tomorrow night (I think I can find my way there, and even if I can't, I'll have CQ along to steer me right!) I'm working on heel of my Noro sock.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm Here

Sorry for being absent. I've spent the last three evenings reading this book, which was lent to me by Julia one of the regulars at my Friday Night Knitting group. A good book, not my usual fare, but I recommend it.

Things are a little better here as well. I'm feeling surprisingly better pain-wise. After a couple days of being a little panicky about taking anything for the pain, I've settled into a routine that works well for me. I've been taking it easy, and I bought a new bed (KING size!) as several people mentioned that that may help (most particularly my sister, who had actually slept in my bed while she was staying with me, and therefore knew how old and saggy it was -- I got it about fifteen years ago from my mom when she decided it was too worn out for her to use any more.) The guys still don't really "get it" that I can't do stuff and whinge and moan about helping me (as if I would depend on the lot of them if I had a choice!) and my house looks like it should be on Mission: Organization. But hey, I'll take what I can get, and a little less pain today than yesterday is cause for celebration. And there's a glimmer of hope for the guys. Yesterday Dave and Younger Son went to the library and they checked out this book for me:
I've just skimmed through it and it looks like I was doing all the wrong things to deal with my back. (They're not really keen on chiropractic care at Johns Hopkins. And gee, since I stopped seeing the chiropractor twice a week I'm starting to feel better. Hmmmm.)

Knitting continues, my ball is pink now, and I'm feeling that I'll be starting my heel flap sometime tomorrow. And I've started down the foot on this wonderful grey sock. Grey knitting. In March, I know.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Painful Truth

My chiropractor fired me today. He doesn't think he can help me, and gave me some referrals to neurosurgeons. But that wasn't enough bad news, he went on to explain to me that a "successful" outcome of surgery would be no pain in my leg, and I would still have the low back pain. I just kept wanting to tell him to put everything back the way it was. My leg didn't hurt before, it was numb. Now it's not numb anymore, but I have really intense (like on a scale of 1-10 an 8 or a 9) back pain that radiates into my leg. I'm in pain virtually all day long, every day. It's not intense all the time, usually it's a manageable(!) 5 or 6, but I do hit that 8 or 9 at least once, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. I'll go talk to the surgeons and see what they can offer me. But I can't see having surgery if it's not going to get rid of my pain. I just tripped and fell! I can't believe I'm facing a lifetime of pain over it. Needless to say I'm not the happiest person on the planet. But hey, you know if I'm really pitiful about it maybe Extreme Makeover: Home Edition really will come and redo my house.
Enough bad news.
My Noro sock continues. I was thinking when I looked at a previous picture that I can mark my progress by the color of my yarn ball. Today my ball is blue with a little bit of pink underneath. (It used to be orange.) Who knows what tomorrow will bring?
And just because I haven't shown it in a while, here's the lates picture of my grey Cotton Sock. Can't wait to finish this so I can dig into my new cotton sock yarn. I'm content to knit socks for now. (Good thing, too. I think I have enough sock yarn to circumnavigate the globe!)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Yeah, It's Monday

It's a Monday in March, too. Work is frustrating. Things keep popping up and people say things to me like "Yeah, you're supposed to be looking at that," which make me feel like an idiot, but hello? Nothing in the procedures to cover it. Never trained on it. Whatever. No nibbles on my resume yet, either. Also, I might have maybe done a little too much on Saturday and so I was feeling pretty bad Saturday night and Sunday. But that worked its way out and I'm recovered today (well, no more than my "regular" pain, anyways.) I think it was that extra trip to the grocery store to get the lottery tickets. And I didn't even win. Then I watched Memoirs of a Geisha which I should have known would be a mistake, but I was trapped in bed. Depressing. (And I really should have known, I did read the book and thought it was depressing, too.) Then Dave called this morning with more bad news. Just a bad day all around. I really wish I'd won the lottery.
Anyways, I'm happy that I'm still knitting these Noro socks. Everytime I see that skein end sticking out of my knitting bag it makes me happy.

Don't forget to comment with your good deeds for a chance to win the Absolutely Fabulous afghan!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Other Girl

Celtic Queen and I went to the see The Other Boleyn Girl tonight. I thought the movie was ok, but the women were all too old and the man too young. CQ read the book and said there was much in the book that was left out or glossed over in the movie. The funniest part was when Mary, waiting for the king's clemency (and I don't think I'm giving away any secrets here) gets a letter telling her there will be none; and the woman behind us is all dismayed and surprised. Hello? Did you really not know how this was going to end? Maybe she was surprised the boat sank at the end of Titanic too.

Here's my Noro sock. I decided it was too tight and also, I am un-enamored of the toe up construction. I debated, but I really, really love this yarn, and didn't want to end up with socks I resented. So I ripped and have restarted, and I'm much, much happier with it. While I was ripping and rewinding on the shuttle (we have off-site parking and have to ride a shuttle every day from the parking lot to the building we work in) I lost control of my yarn ball and it was rolling around on the floor of the shuttle. A measure of how unfriendly everyone is where I work -- no one even said anything! I was like, "Come on people, this is really funny! Anywhere else I would have expected some ribbing, a couple of slightly off-color comments about how I couldn't control my balls. Nope. Nothing. Only two of the dozen or so people even looked up. Whatever.
I'm just past the gusset on my grey sock, too.