Thursday, March 27, 2008

Daffodils and Devastation

Here are my daffodils I got for Daffodil Days at work. It's not quite the same as my last job, where virtually everyone got some daffodils and the whole floor was scented with them, but still nice. They've been brightening my desk since Tuesday.
I admit it. I was reading Yarnstorm today and I started thinking to myself, "Why don't I have arty pictures on my blog? I could probably get a book deal, and start working from home. I could finally do a real deep cleaning and decluttering so I could invite people to my house. Older son would invite a girl home to meet us and friends to study with and that will lead to his successful independent life. I would be here with Younger Son after school and turn him from the path of delinquency he's hurtling down. I'd make dinners every day and the guys and I would sit around the table smiling and happy. Everyone here would love me and no one would ever argue with me about doing the laundry or the dishes, they'd all be happy to help out."
So here's the picture of my devastated Easter bunny. I started with the ears and all that's left is his bottom. What do you think? Maybe I need a new camera.

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Teen Knit Rock said...

did you tell them about the 3 weeks thing yet? That would so work- it'd get me a moving!