Friday, March 28, 2008


Still trying to include the arty pictures. It doesn't help that I visited BrooklynTweed today either. I finished the Grey Cotton Socks last night. (What do you think of this picture? I'm thinking maybe a C). I thought the grey sock would show up nicely against the cool yellow color my hallway is painted. But it was too dark for the picture without the flash, and I couldn't back away enough to soften it out because I had to hold the sock myself. (I think this one is definitely a D.) I need better lighting and an assistant. (This would be true in all aspects of my life. I can't think of a single situation that wouldn't be improved by better lighting and an assistant.) Since I finished the grey sock, that meant that my favorite set of 2.25mm double points were free so I cast on immediately with my new cotton "sock yarn". (Also known as 8/4 carpet warp.) I chose this green color as the antithesis of the grey cotton socks I was struggling with for so long. So far I really like the yarn. I got some for dyeing, and some Procion MX fiber reactive dyes. The mind boggles. (How about this picture? Not as good as the first, but better than the second. I'll give it a C-. I guess I could have done something more artistic with the loops of yarn. It occurs to me I need better props, too.)

In other news, I was punished for leaving work early yesterday by being rear-ended on my drive home. The impact was hard enough to make my head snap back, but other than a slight headache when I got home, I seem to be none the worse for wear. And it doesn't look like there's any damage to the car. We're probably going to take it and have it checked over the weekend, though. Is it wrong that I'm secretly hoping they don't find anything, because I really don't want to be bothered?

I just had Younger Son get me a hot water bottle to put on my foot because I have a cramp. I remember my mom getting bad cramps in her feet when I was a kid, and I'd have to massage them out for her (I told YS how lucky he is.) Come to think about it, my mom would have been the same age then as I am now.

And finally, I had an absolutely delicious dream last night. It's been cheering me up all day. It's been years since I had such a happy dream. Usually my dreams are either 1)Anxious, 2)Apocalyptic, or 3)Just weird.


Ashley said...

So happy about your nice dream, isn't it delightful when that happens?! Oh, and don't worry about Jared over at BrooklynTweed...with a good enough camera, you can make anything look stunning, so he definitely has an advantage over most of unfair! :) Everything's coming along nicely, have a wonderful, knitting weekend!

Teen Knit Rock said...

Your pictures totally get an A+++ compared to mine-- cuz I don't ever have any! Haha :) The knitting looks good tho- we can definately see that.