Monday, March 10, 2008

Yeah, It's Monday

It's a Monday in March, too. Work is frustrating. Things keep popping up and people say things to me like "Yeah, you're supposed to be looking at that," which make me feel like an idiot, but hello? Nothing in the procedures to cover it. Never trained on it. Whatever. No nibbles on my resume yet, either. Also, I might have maybe done a little too much on Saturday and so I was feeling pretty bad Saturday night and Sunday. But that worked its way out and I'm recovered today (well, no more than my "regular" pain, anyways.) I think it was that extra trip to the grocery store to get the lottery tickets. And I didn't even win. Then I watched Memoirs of a Geisha which I should have known would be a mistake, but I was trapped in bed. Depressing. (And I really should have known, I did read the book and thought it was depressing, too.) Then Dave called this morning with more bad news. Just a bad day all around. I really wish I'd won the lottery.
Anyways, I'm happy that I'm still knitting these Noro socks. Everytime I see that skein end sticking out of my knitting bag it makes me happy.

Don't forget to comment with your good deeds for a chance to win the Absolutely Fabulous afghan!


Ashley said...

Ok, I am SO right there with you on Memoirs of a Geisha...too depressing! I have made a vow to myself to never watch anymore unhappy-ending movies, lol. Your socks look great and good luck with your resume!

Donna said...

hmmm I better get busy with the good deeds deal. Does not killing or even "getting up in their face" to ask what kind of idiot are you to all the moronic drivers at Wal-Mart count? Sigh I think they hand out drivers lincenses to anyone who wants one at our Wal-Mart. Hmm guess not. By the way, love the noro socks. I have some noro sock yarn. I should really pull it out and get going on mine.