Friday, February 15, 2008

Ab Fab

Heather and I were talking about Lent and she said she doesn't just give things up, but tries to make herself a better person. Which sounds good to me, and so I decided to do a kindness every day during Lent. I cleared the snow off Dave's car twice this week, and let someone in front of me in traffic, held the door for people at work. Just small, random acts of kindness, but I can see that these little acts can add up and make the world a better place. (And me a better person, too.) So to that end I'm announcing a
New Blog Contest!
Here's the deal. Between now and the end of Lent (which would be Easter Sunday, March 23) do a little random act of kindness and leave a comment on my blog telling me about it. And what's in it for you, other than that Absolutely Fabulous feeling of being a good person? Well how about..Hmmm....Let's see, an Absolutely Fabulous afghan kit?

Yep, that's right. Leave me a comment every day you do a random act of kindness and I'll enter your name for an Absolutely Fabulous kit from Colinette yarns. You even get to pick the color, and I'll have it shipped to you! (You don't even have to wait for me haul my lazy butt to the post office!) So that's the deal. Comment on this blog with your random acts of kindness and I'll throw your name in the hat every day you do. And tell your friends! Let's all make the world a better place!

That's one entry per day, you can enter as many days as you want between now and March 23, 2008. Contest ends at midnight, March 23, 2008 and I will announce the winner here Monday, March 24th and order their Ab Fab kit as soon as I get confirmation of an address, color preference, and the opportunity to place a phone call during regular business hours.


Steel City Knitter said...

My daughters and I were at the mall and "rescued" a dad alone with a double stroller full (toddler and a baby). He'd gotten sort of stuck in the doors. He seemed really surprised that my older daughter and I were willing to help him out instead of just let him flounder in the door with his stroller. I've been stuck in doors with strollers too many times myself to leave him high and dry!

Stephieface said...

while doing laundry at the laundromat I helped an older woman with her laundry by opening the door for her and helping her carry in her subsequent loads. She said she could do on her own, but hey.... even I wish someone would help me with mine when I'm there, and there's a step and pull out door that can be murder when your hands are full.

Celtic Queen said...

I stopped to offer help to an older gentleman who looked troubled outside of Borders today. Apparently, he couldn't open the door and get through with his cane. He was trying to wait for a larger group of people to go through so he could get to the door before it closed. I walked with him to the door, held it for him and for another gentlemen. The man couldn't believe "such a young lady" would stop and trouble herself with a complete stranger.

Steel City Knitter said...

We were getting gas and a guy who was hard on his luck was there with a gas can trying to get enough gas to get his car home. We filled his can on our tab.

Deborah said...

A family at the school I work, are going through a rough time. Dad is in need of a heart transplant and mom has been laid off from her job. Middle school is a tough enough time for kids, but not having a coat or clothes that fit, can be worse than all the above when you are 11. My daughter, gathered all her very gently worn clothes and packed them up for the 11 year old. We dropped them off with the nurse and asked not to be rocognized, it wasn't important. After that, we both had that warm fuzzy feeling. Its then you realized how blessed you are.

Dee Borders Knit Knite said...

The other day I was at the post office and I let a mom with a crying baby in her arms and a toddler by her side go ahead of me. When she was ready to pay for her stamps, she realized she left her purse in the car. I paid for her stamps.