Wednesday, February 27, 2008

They Wanted Me To Go To Rehab

Every year I buy the Grammy Nominees cd. It makes me feel hip (well, hipper than I really am) and I figure it saves me a year's worth of listening to the radio -- I get the best of the year in one compact easy package.
CQ knows this about me and so laughed at me when I told her I picked up my annual copy a few weeks ago. "So," she quipped, "I guess that means you'll be walking around singing 'They Wanted Me To Go To Rehab' then." And you know, I have been. But it's not as much fun as last year. Last year I was all about the Black Eyed Peas and "My Humps". I was sitting in the car with Older Son and it started playing and after a minute or two he just turned to me and said "What are you listening to??" Pretty funny. Then I told everyone at work about it and we laughed. But after that I and two of the guys I worked with (both good-looking 20-somethings) started walking around singing it together. Just at odd moments. Very funny! However, no one where I work now is any fun and they don't really like me anyways. So just imagine me driving around in my car singing along, which is pretty funny.
Hardly any knitting, I'm still working on the ribbing at the top of my Noro sock (seems like I'm never going to get the dang thing done!) It was sticking out of my knitting bag and was much admired today by people who stopped by to tell me that it was "Nothing personal" about the ...lady... taking my head off yesterday. To which I have to say that it certainly wasn't professional, and therefore that makes it personal. Because we were in a professional setting and if it was professional it would be, well PROFESSIONAL.

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