Thursday, February 21, 2008


Nothing much new here. I've just been reading and doing a bit of knitting on Moonlight Ice. Did a round or two on my Noro sock on the shuttle on my way to work (we have off-site parking, I have to ride a shuttle from my car to work, which gives me about 10 - 15 minutes of knitting time every day if I'm lucky.) I keep thinking of unfinished projects I didn't picture the other night, like the grey cotton socks I've been knitting forever, and the Pomatomus socks that I just need to graft the toe on. If I was a more organized sort of person I'd just bite the bullet and finish alot of these things, but I'm not. And maybe that's what makes me such a wonderful person. Who knows?
Did you see the Lunar Eclipse last night? Dave and I went out to try to see it right at 10:00, when it was supposed to be at totality, but it was completely cloudy. But about 15 minutes later it was not, so he, Older Son and I went out to stand in the yard and stare at the moon turned to blood. Older Son was unimpressed. Dave wondered why we were the only people in the neighborhood out looking at the lunar eclipse. Ummmm, maybe the single digit temps might have had something to do with it. I took a picture of it:

Don't hate me because of my fabulous camera skills. Someone else did a better job capturing it. Dave tried with his camera and said he thought he got a decent shot maybe, but he didn't send it to me, and I haven't seen it yet.

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Teen Knit Rock said...

My little random act of kindness is lending my Homecoming dress that I used last year, to my friend for Snowball this year... Which I am not attending- yet I am working... Next year must be different with these evil dance situations. Haha- but I saved my friend some money- and the dress looks great on her! :)