Saturday, February 09, 2008

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

This morning I had an early appointment with my chiropractor and so I was up and out the door by 7:30. There was snow on the ground (surprisingly, because it hadn't been snowing when I got home from knitting after midnight) and it was still snowing and grey. After my chiropractor appointment I met Heather and her boys for breakfast. As we stood outside talking afterwards it started snowing and raining, and it was cold, foggy, and miserable.
I left the restaurant and drove to Celtic Queen's which was less than 15 minutes away. I got there, and chatted with the Celtings while she put on her shoes and coat. We walked out the door and the sun was shining! The fog was all golden and beautiful. As we drove to the Yarn Store to do some shopping (we decided not to go to the local yarn festival that was going on today because the entry fee ($15!) was too much, but we wanted to get our share of some yarny goodness, too) the sun kept shining, the sky turned blue, and the temperature soared. We shopped for yarn, had some coffee and knitted at the Starbucks up the road, and the sun continued to beam down while the temperature soared into the 50s. I started seeing people walking around in sunglasses and some teenagers even opted to sit outside at the Starbucks. Then as we started home, I noted, "Oh, I see some clouds." I dropped CQ off at her house, and as I was driving up the road from her house it started Raining. By the time I was home, it was starting to rain/snow again! Spooky.
Anyways, what did I get at the yarn store? Mmmmm. You can't tell in this picture, but that's Rowan's Kid Silk Night and it sparkles. I got some Swaroski crystals too because I'm going to make this. Say it with me -- "Ooooh, sparkly." Also pictured is my secret weapon, a size 14 crochet hook, which is small enough enough to fit through a size 4mm crystal bead. Bwaaaaa haaaa haaaa!
I also got more Noro for another pair of socks. This pair will be for Older Son, since he admired the one I'm making for myself so much. And because he was so irate about his brother's supposed theft of his hand knit socks. Rewarding him for fighting with his brother...Probably not my most shining parenting moment, but what can I say? I'm weak when it comes to the knitting. Besides, I didn't tell him I got it for him, so I can always change my mind. Speaking of my Noro sock, it's in Time Out because A) It's not sparkly, B) I lost one of the needles I was knitting it with (it was a wild night at knitting last night), and C) When I decided this afternoon I was ready to knit the ribbing at the cuff I found this dropped stitch. If I had found it after the cast-off I would have just sighed and sewed it in. But I didn't so I'm going to rip back and reknit. I'm just not up to it yet.


Ashley said...

Sounds like a very fun and fruitful trip! I love your noro sock yarn! Can't wait to see Older Son's socks take shape. Good luck with your crystallized project!! :)

DPUTiger said...

After helping to set up at the festival on Friday night on top of a long week at my "real job," I was just way too exhausted to want to go to Borders. Really. I mean it.

Festival was fun today. Brooks Farm is a truly evil place, and there are a few other evil vendors. I'm pooped and poorer, but will headed back for another day of fun/work tomorrow!