Monday, February 04, 2008

Big Things

Big news! Ashley says I made her day! I'm thrilled and amazed. One does try [blushes modestly]. I'm posting late today, so I will give the rules and tag my 10 "Make my day" blogs tomorrow!

Here's where I am on my Noro sock. Viewing it I think, as I always do when I knit myself socks, "Good Lord, I have big feet!" But even with my big feet, I'm through the foot, turned the heel, started up the leg and am only just completing a color sequence. That's a pretty long color change. This pair of socks will definately not be identical. But I'm all about the mismatched socks anyway. I'm hoping to get another couple of skeins of this yarn this week, on in a manly colorway to make socks for Older Son (for his birthday, maybe) and another fun colorway to make some gloves for myself.
Other big news, my friend Zeeppo was on local television, teaching men's knitting. (Dave and Dave, on OnQ on WQED.) I liked the piece, Zeeppo did a pretty good job teaching them, even though Dave and Dave can be a little wild at times. The host said one of the Daves stuck with it and knitted himself a scarf while watching the Super Bowl yesterday.
I have big knitting plans, too. As I've been knitting my socks I've been thinking that it would be nice to knit everyone some socks this year. Maybe three or four pairs. And then there's the birthday sweaters, and I really would like to knit more bears, and at least one sweater for me. Too much knitting, too little time. So far my plan of winning the lottery so I can knit full time hasn't been working out too well for me. I may need to regroup.


Ashley said...

You deserved it! I love your noro socks, they are stunning!!

Teen Knit Rock said...

knitting full time- winning lottery... a new DREAM!! haha