Thursday, January 31, 2008

Knitting For Two

I was going to post some details from BMOC, my latest design, but Older Son has misplaced it so I can't take photos. (I'm not sure which of us that speaks more poorly of, he for losing it, or me and my housekeeping.) While I was waiting for him to find it I started thinking of knitting for two, and in particular of knitting for a boy and a girl. Being a twin myself, I'm very keen on twin knits.
Here a couple of twin sweaters I knit for my friends daughters (who are identical twins). This is an easy one. The sweaters are just a basic seamless raglan. I started with the variegated I used for the colors, and just added odd balls that I could match to colors in the variegated. I had two skeins each of the the pink and yellow, so they became the main colors on each sweater. Then it was just figure out the number of rows until I decreased for the neckband and dividing that up by the number of colors I had (in this case 4). Another idea was a couple of Wonderful Wallabies I made for Celtic Queen and the Elder Celting when he was about 3. You know how hard it is to find mother/son matching outfits. You see those cute mother/daughter sets in the catalogs, but as a mother of sons you feel left out. I can relate. I wanted to give CQ that "matching" feeling so I knit them coordinating sweaters. CQ's sweater was in maroon with a navy stripe on the chest (very J Crew) and the Celting's in the same navy with a maroon stripe. Matching but not over the top. CQ still wears her sweater, but alas! both Celtings have grown out of the matching one. Either of these will work for brother/sister combos too. And finally, take a sweater idea (I like the Cottage creations designs here, because they have a wide variety of sizes) and make one a dress for a girl. I did this with the Wonderful Wallaby for the girls pictured above (sorry, no pics!) and the little hoodie dresses were too cute!! I did a folded hem (which is how I finished the edges on BMOC, which got me thinking of this) for the bottom. Just knit a hem, and then knit to the waist and continue on as the pattern specifies. I got my measurements from a dress in a store, and just added however many inches to all my measurements for the Wallaby. Once you're past the underarms, everything else is the same. The same could be done with the Big Sven pattern too. Or just make them each a sweater and coordinate the colors. (Actually, CQ did this for her niece and nephew in boy colors for him and girl colors for her as Christmas gifts one year.)


Holly said...

Funny. I never even considered matching knitting for Colin and Clare until you mentioned it in your email. Now my mind is RACING!!!. Thanks!!
:-)(Yes, they have already named her Clare)

Celtic Queen said...

The niece and nephew combo worked great. And the sweaters had a double stripe (navy, 1 row maroon, navy). Funny you talked about it because I've been thinking I need to do a new set for me and the Celtings. Oh and don't forget the "matching" bicolor cable sweaters I did.

Ashley said...

I have the happy honor to inform you that you have officially made my day! I hereby bequeath to you and your blog the "You Make My Day" Award! Come by and check it out!
I have enjoyed your blog, keep it up! :)