Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Thick and Thin of It

I have to say up front here that there's not much new on the knitting front. I'm just working my way back on the gusset of the Noro socks. Speaking of which, here's my blurry (apparently after all this time I haven't figured out how to use my dang camera)pictures of the thick/thin nature of the yarn.Here's a thick part, and here's a thin part. (The second is more accurate color-wise too.) I took these while waiting at the chiropractor's this evening, and no one even asked why I was taking pictures, or of what. I think they were just being polite, kind of in the same way that no one mentions that people on the bus are talking to themselves.

In other knitting news, a good friend who I work with just announced yesterday that he and his wife are expecting. We went to school together and he recommended me for both of my jobs. Break out the baby yarn! I have a ton of white yarn so I think I'll start there and move on to colors if we find out a gender further down the road. Did I mention that my cube-mate is expecting too? I'm surrounded by fertility.

And finally, I'm feeling better about being at the depth of lifelong unhappiness. I'm thinking if this is as bad as it gets, well it's not that bad. It's all uphill from here, eh? (But you can still send me gifts. ;)

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Heather said...

Well, be careful around all those raging hormones... and hey, isn't the gift of friendship enough? Think how much worse it would be without all of us!