Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This Explains It All!

Have you seen this? This explains everything. Everybody is unhappy in their 40's and the lowest point for lifetime unhappiness is...you guessed it, at 44. So that's what wrong with me. The news stories I've seen say I just have to hold out for eight to ten years and I'll be ok. Somehow this doesn't make me feel any better. Feel free to send me some colorful yarn to cheer me up, though. Speaking of colorful yarn, my Noro socks and I have had a slight falling out. I've had to rip back my first attempt at a gusset. An evening of struggle and I'm about back to where I was when the picture was taken yesterday. Again, feel free to send me gifts to cheer me up. Key lime pie, or orange scones would do the trick too...
Now here's a picture of some colorful yarny goodness. I have finally managed to amass at least one skein of all the colors of Alpaca With a Twist's Highlander. That's about 20 skeins of tweedy yumminess. My plans are for a randomly striped sweater mixing the colors randomly as well as the stripe widths. I keep envisioning the sweater as a cardigan, despite the fact that I can't imagine when I'm going to be anywhere that it's cold enough for an alpaca sweater worn over another top. But everytime I picture this striped sweater it's a cardigan, so I'm thinking a cardigan it will be. And I may have enough yarn left to do a little fairisle number as well.

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DPUTiger said...

You have your very own Closet of Doom!!! I'm so jealous! I have a sweater's worth of the gray/light blue and I had the WORST time making up my mind. Hang in there! :)