Saturday, January 26, 2008

Back to Back

Here I am. What kept me away so long? Well it turns out that the fall I took (see my last post back in November) did way more damage than I thought at first. My pain kept getting worse and within a few days my leg went numb, then a day or two after that apparently went on strike and stopped supporting me. Which led to a couple of (fortunately?) only embarrassing falls (I have a fair amount of padding, unfortunately) and one trip to the emergency room. Much discussion with doctors and testing ensued, and the outcome is that I am seeing a chiropractor (recommended by Heather) instead of the neurosurgeon my PCP referred me to. After two visits the numbness in my leg was gone, and my pain is definately lessening. So now that I don't think I'm going to die or be a cripple for the rest of my life, I'm slowly getting back to my routines. One of the many downsides of all these back issues was that I spent alot of time laying flat on my back. I got some knitting done, but mostly small projects. In the midst of all of that, Christmas, New Years, and my anniversary came and went.
Dave performed a solo at church on Christmas Eve,and the boys were part of the live nativity during the service. (Older Son was Joseph and Younger Son was a Wise Man. Or Joe and a Wise Guy as we put it here.) December was rough. I'm truly not a bawler (the only time I'd cried as an adult was at my mother's funeral in 2001) but the pressure and worry and maybe some hormones just got to me, and I was in tears every other day practically the whole month. So not really the best of company. (I did remark to Celtic Queen at one point when I was feeling sorry for myself and worrying over test results that the upside of having a terminal illness would be that Extreme Makeover Home Edition would come and redo my house.)
So what knitting did I accomplish during my break? Not as much as you'd expect, it's a bit hard to knit laying on your back. I did more reading than knitting. Nevertheless, I completed Irreversible on the left for YS and a new design BMOC for OS for Christmas (well, OS's was delayed a bit). I made the guys stand outside in the frigid temps to get a good picture. YS looks like a natural model, though, doesn't he?
And I've been knitting these little bears (pattern here). These are the cutest things! And so easy to make (mine needs a face yet). Size 5 needles and worsted weight yarn makes a perfect size for a toddler to drag around. This one was made with Red Heart's Amore which is my fave yarn for these so far. It looks and feels like a chenille blanket.
But it's all good now. Rock Day at Heather's was fabulous and we all brought our wheels (see pics here and here). I carded up these batts for spinning and have been trying to work out ever since how I can quit my day job and support myself making colorful batts...
And a new project. I was gifted some wonderfully colorful Noro sock yarn by Julia for Christmas and I could resist its siren song no longer. I feel happier already.

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Heather said...

YEA!! Good to see you back. Those boys look so handsome in their sweaters!