Tuesday, December 09, 2008

It's Almost a Sappy Sentimental Holiday Happy Ending

I'm feeling better today. Heather e-mailed me out of the blue today (I don't think she'd even read my blog post from yesterday. Let's pretend she didn't -- it makes it more miraculous) and offered me tickets to the Holiday Pops! Isn't she the best friend ever? Then, I went to the yarn store (Natural Stitches). Always a good pick me up. And, I got my new furnace installed today. No more worrying that the house was going to blow up while I'm out!

Here's some holiday goodness -- Miss E with the holiday dress she knit for her daughter. How gorgeous is that??

And can you stand the holiday cuteness here? The Celtings helped Michelle at Bloomin Yarns decorate her Wuletide tree.

And I've been a regular Mrs. Claus here knitting away on these socks (The Holly and the Ivy from Knitterly Things) for Younger Son. Look closely, though and you'll see not one, but two dropped stitches. Both from the same needle -- I think it has a hole in it. I've ripped back and picked up again. A little set back, but time is in short supply this month. Also, my bathtub drain is clogged and Dave is heading out of town tomorrow (to Erie) for an indefinate period.

Monday, December 08, 2008

I'm Broken

I don't know what the deal is with me. I just can't muster up alot of enthusiasm for the holidays. As CQ would say, I'm broken. I used to love this time of year. Living with the Grinch and the Scroogelings has sucked the joy of the season right out of me. (When the boys were small I'd tell them the Grinch in the special was their dad. Honestly, his holiday shrt says "Bah, Humbug" on it.) I've been watching holiday movies and specials (Charlie Brown was on tonight) like mad to the derision of the rest of the household. It occurred to me as I watched yet another miraculous happy ending in yet another sappy, sentimental Christmas movie that I was in serious need of a Christmas miracle. Not a big one, just a small one. So if you have any extra send it on over.

Lots of knitting going on -- hopefully I'll get some light and can take some pics tomorrow. (There's subtle colorwork involved.)