Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What's For Dinner?

I got home from work tonight and I was in bad shape. I was really in pain, and had to go and lie down immediately. Since I've been prone for about an hour now I feel 500% better (driving is becoming increasingly difficult for me for whatever reason.) Anyways, I'm stuck here in my room and apparently no one in the house is going to make any dinner. [Sigh]
Fortunately I had some supplies. I finished off the decorated Valentine's day cookie that Younger Son and Dave brought home and gave me last night while I was in bed. That's why it's still here.
And I've nibbled a bit on the Christmas gummy bears (which I'm thinking that if I eat all the green ones I could pass off as Valentine's gummy bears) that I ended up with a container of when I asked for a few and no one wanted to return the container to the kitchen. These got lost at Christmas and one of the guys turned them up last week while foraging for food. I'm such a shining example of good nutrition. I do have some whole grain crackers in the kitchen, maybe I can get one of the Sons to bring me some. (There's veggies in the freezer, but they won't make them for me so I'd have to gird my loins and go downstairs and cook them myself. I'm not quite up to it yet.)

Here's my Noro sock, which I got absolutely nothing done on today because it was left languishing here at home. Thank goodness I didn't get stuck in traffic!
***Update! Dave brought me some pizza (the Sons' most often prepared dinner). At least it has some veggies on it.

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Ashley said...

Oh, you poor thing! I know that it's not easy bouncing back from getting sick, especially with a lot of commitments. Hope you feel better soon...totally better! :) *hugs*