Friday, February 29, 2008

The Saga Continues

It was a snow day here in the 'Burgh. Lots of heavy, wet snow. Dave is in Ohio, and I told him to just get a motel room for the night, but he thinks he can make it home. They've been plowing like mad here, but I don't know. He says he'll be careful.
Anyways, I finished my first Noro sock today. I'm ok with it, but it's a little snug. I should have put another 6-8 stitches into my round. I'm going to cast-on for the second sometime tomorrow. And, I've started the heel flap on the grey socks.
Exciting. Suni commented on these and asked how much yarn they took -- I have to say I'm not sure. Way less than the 1+ pounds of yarn I have. I'm guessing maybe somewhere around 2-3 ounces. You can't really get this yarn in less than 8 ounce put-ups so it's really a moot point. Get 8 ounces and it will be plenty for a couple pairs of socks.
And the saga at work continues! The same thing happened that I got raked over the coals for, but I had nothing to do with it! They asked me about it and I was like "I NEVER TOUCHED THE GUY." (More importantly I had documentation to back me up.) Soooo, since I said that I didn't do anything the first time it happened but no one believed me and I just took the fall for it, I'm thinking that maybe someone, somewhere owes me an apology. Vindicated! Not that I'm likely to get one, though. When I left my boss and a couple other people were all huddled talking about it and how they were going to do some kind of jury rigged fix for it but no one bothered to say anything to me and it was snowing, so I left. (Also, their jury rigged stuff makes me extremely nervous and I'd rather not be part of it.)


Heather said...

oh, that noro is beautiful. wrapped up in summer, lucky foot!
Sorry about the work stuff. It takes a much bigger person to put a band-aid on the wound they inflict than to acutally wound.

Ashley said...

The socks are beautimous!! I am sorry to hear about the rough times at work. Please just knit all your troubles away!