Thursday, February 07, 2008

Sock Wars

As I was driving home from work this evening (at 8:00 PM!), talking to CQ and trying to get her to go to Bloomin Yarns and buy me some yarn (she wouldn't), I fielded a call from Older Son.

OS: snarling Thanks for giving Younger Son my socks.
Me: I didn't give him your socks, he's wearing his own socks!
OS: No he's not, they're mine.
Me: No, I knit those for him, I knit you socks that had blue and brown stripes at the same time. I can show it to you on the blog.
OS: I don't believe you. When will you be home so you can verify this?
Me: I'll be home before 8:30...

Obviously the boys were locked in a titanic struggle over the handknit socks. (They never call me until they're literally at each others throats.) So I had to come home and verify that the socks in question (pictured here) were indeed knit for Younger Son. Thank goodness for the blog! You never know when it will come in handy.

My Noro yarn has disgorged a ginormous yarn burp. CQ warned me of this, and I'd had a few minor ones before this. Another downside of the yarn being an single.

Knit Knight tomorrow!! I'm going, even if I have to leave stuff undone and go in to work on Saturday. I need me some "me" time! (And good friends who will pat me reassuringly and tell me they still like me.)


DPUTiger said...

I had a Knit Night like that last night (Wed) and boy did I need it! Not sure when that evil taskmaster Michelle will let me leave the show, but I might try to stop by Fri. night. :)

Ashley said...

LOL, the sock story was hilarious! I am beginning to feel the resentment from all 4 little kids whenever I am knitting something for a doesn't matter who it is! I just have to be vague about who it's for and then announce it quickly when I have finished and run out of the room ;)

Heather said...

*pat-pat-pat* we still like you bunches. :)
See you tonight, but I am going to be late, too.