Monday, May 22, 2006


Well, I had quite the weekend. It started off great with knitting Friday night. Heather finished up her Booga J Bag and doesn't it look great? We were all amazed that she dressed to match the bag, serendipitously.

Celtic Queen was there too, working on a (Socks That Rock) sock. I taught Heather how to spin on a drop spindle, hopefully she's still at it. I spun on my spindle and worked a bit on the new sock-in-progress.

Then Saturday things went downhill. I arrived at my Dad's for Older Son's birthday party to see an ambulance outside. He had fallen. CQ and the Celtings found him and called the ambulance. Fortunately he was ok, although I'm not sure how long he had been laying there. (He says it was just about 20 minutes, but I think it may have been longer.) What really frightens me is that it was only sheer luck that had us there that evening. Normally no one would have checked on him until Sunday morning at the earliest. He refused to go to the hospital, of course. So I stayed with him Saturday night. Again, a fortunate occurance, because he ended up having severe low blood sugar and was unresponsive when I checked on him Sunday morning. I called the ambulance and we were off to the ER (I insisted this time!). They gave him sugar and x-rayed the shoulder that he had fallen on the night before (just bruised) and sent him home. So he's home now, and as comfortable as can be expected, but I feel like a nervous wreck!

But I did get alot of knitting done while waiting at the hospital. I finished the first sock of this pair (they will be for Younger Son, he tried it on and it fits perfectly.)

And just to round things out, here's my spindle spun yarn. I abused the skein to finish it, and it really feels great. It shrunk about 30%-40% in the process. But it's nice and springy now.

*OK, I know I reference photos, and I have them here on my computer, Blogger just won't let me upload. I'll try again later.


hollyboc said...

I hope your Dad is doing better now. Having aging parents is hard. You just never know what each day is going to bring. It's a day at a time around here. My dad takes care of my mother. I really worry about HIS health because if anything ever happens to him, I don't know what we would do.

Donna said...

I am sorry to here about your dads troubles this weekend. I am sending good thoughts to you that he will be ok.