Wednesday, May 24, 2006

All I Want is a Room Somewhere...

OK, I live in a big old house that has five bedrooms. (Five!) You would think that I could finagle one room just for me. I could put my wheel there, my RH loom (maybe even get a stand for it) and my Triangle Loom-To-Be, maybe even a table to work on. Lots of bookcases for my books and magazines. Well, no. Apparently that is too much to ask. The two bedrooms that we are not currently using have become a repository for all Things There Is No Other Place For. (And you know how much stuff that is!) Oh, don't get me wrong, I've tried. Five separate times during our tenure in this house I have worked long and hard to completely clear these two rooms (they're connected, both on the third floor). Each time, through some obscene twist of fate, SOMEONE we know ends up in desperate need of a place to live, and moves in with us. And EACH time, they leave behind more stuff than there was before!! The last time, I swore I would never do it again. And it's been awhile (~6 years). So call me a glutton for punishment, I think I'm going to do it again. (My apologies if you are the one that ends up living on the street unless you move in with me. Remember, you were warned!) Some of my fiber stuff is already up there. Alot of Dave's music stuff is up there. Here's my plan. If I actually move my bed up there I can let Dave have the current bedroom for all of his stuff. He should be happy with that, and it gets his stuff not only out of those rooms, but out of the living room and dining room which he has taken over because he doesn't want to carry stuff up two flights of steps. The plan definately has merits. It remains to be seen if I have the personal fortitude to see it through.

Note that I have updated Monday's post with pictures. Thanks for the well-wishes for my Dad, he is feeling much better, and seems improved today.


holly said...

Wow.. I can relate. We have a spare room off the kitchen. I keep saying that it needs to be little TV room as we do not have a family room for the kids and their "significant others". Every time I think I'm ready to get it started, a dog crate, or tupperware bins full of stuff, or other boxes full of junk ends up in there. It's never gonna happen!

Celtic Queen said...

HA! You locked me up there in hopes that the elder Celting would be a girl you could steal. And it's been 7 years since I left this September. :P

But I hope this time it works out.