Thursday, May 25, 2006

What Do Smurfs Do All Day

When Older Son was small Dave and I read this book to him ad nauseum. For some unfathomable reason it was an all time favorite. We even have two copies of the cursed thing. What do Smurfs do? Turns out lots of things. But it's a good segue way to what I've been thinking about lately, which is that we spend our time doing what we really want to do. Let's face it, if we really want to do something we find the time, right? And if we don't want to do it, we certainly don't do it every day. So what do you do all day? I've thought about it and here're some things I do every day (or close enough it makes no difference). I knit. On the bus, at home, in the car, at work. I do it just about everywhere.
And lately, I spin. Mostly on a spindle, but we'll see about getting the wheel back into the mix.
And I read. It helps me to quiet my mind so I can fall asleep more easily at night. I also take time for my family (but how can I show a picture of that?) I ask the boys about their homework, talk to my sisters, take care of my dad.
Finally (and I was horrified when I realized this one) I do laundry. Every day. What's up with that? Lets make this a meme, shall we? I tag Heather and Holly. OK ladies, post 5 things you do every day.

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