Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Maryland, Oh Maryland

I had a great time at MDS&W. And spent way too much money. I took alot and I was thinking, "Oh, I'll never spend THAT much. I spent it all the first day. I had to get more to go back on Sunday. I know, I know, you're thinking "Shut up already and show us what you got!" So here it is (since Blogger is graciously allowing me to post pics today -- I added them to yesterday's post too.)
This is a mohair/wool blend I got at...I can't remember. I was buying this fiber when Holly spotted me. (Well, actually my bag. She recognized me by my knitting. How cool is that??) We chatted for awhile but I forgot to take a pic. Holly looks AMAZING. I hope she enjoys her purchases! And Holly? I'm thinking predrafting will help you with the bumpiness. Back to the fiber, nestled there in the navy fiber is a Bosworth spindle made of Tulipwood.
Here's a selection of the fibers I got to spin and yarn. Most are from Little Barn. Some flax, some "Angora", some colored wools, some nylon (to blend with wool for my own sock yarn), and a cotton/silk blend. The grey yarn is to make an Aran for Younger Son. As you look at my selections, I'll relate a conversation I had with Celtic Queen last week. We were discussing Socks That Rock colorways. I said I liked Tonalite and CQ said "Yeah, your color choices are like that -- they're either screamingly bright or very tonal." So yeah, look at what I got. These next two projects show this very well. Screamingly bright -- Noro Kureyon to make a Booga J Bag for summer use (to contrast with my very tonal Olympic Bag in more wintery colors). Yarn from All About Yarn in Columbia Maryland. Their signage said they were a new vendor, so I did my best to make them feel welcome.
And very tonal. A mitered mitten pattern with yarn from Wool in the Woods. I had actually picked out very bright yarns for this first, but then changed my mind, opting for something I would actually wear. I dithered about this purchase, and bought it on my second time in the booth. I had to leave the first time after I accidentally stepped on some poor girl. I was standing there on her foot and had no idea. How embarrassing.
We'll chalk this one on the screamingly bright side. Steeler yarn (but I think the official name is "Magic".) Maybe socks, maybe gloves.

Some sock yarn. (Tonals on the left, brights on the right). What can I say? I'm nothing if not consistent. See the fiber in the first picture? Brights and tonal. And I finished up with some books. I'm up through Vol. 12 with my Weldon's and the mitten book just appealed to me.
And to end tonight, just a couple of scenes from the festival. The popular food this year was apparently these Curly Chips -- a potato version of nachos. The line to buy them was longer than the line for the bathroom. And the Sheep to Shawl. I didn't get to see who won. Anyone out there know?

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Holly said...

Wow.. you kicked butt at MS&W!! I love everything you bought! I'm taking a drop spindle class on the 25th. Hopefully that will help me out. I'll ask about predrafting. I don't even know what that is!