Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Birthday Knitting

Well, the birthday knitting is just about completed. Actually, the knitting part is completed, I just have to do a bit of finishing on the sweater -- graft the underarms and sew down the fold-over collar. The sweater is the "Shirt Yoke Back" from the Seamless sweater yokes in EZ's Knitting Workshop.

Here's a shot of the shirt yoke back. I might finish it up tonight, or maybe tomorrow. Since we're having three birthday parties for Older Son, I need three gifts. The sweater will be gifted on Saturday when Celtic Queen will be in attendance so that she will have the opportunity to examine it. The socks will go on Sunday. I have a DVD (Final Fantasy Advent Children) and a book (The Encyclopedia of Mythical Creatures) to fill in the gaps. Dave doesn't think OS will like the gifts (well, the DVD and book, I know he'll be nonplussed by the knitting). He keeps bringing up the Tele Tubby mistake I made when Younger Son was four. Gee, it's only been eight and a half years.

In non-knitting news, I missed posting because I was sick. I've been down with a stomach bug since last Wednesday. Not major, but enough to make me feel just...bleah. I finally got some medicine today and now I feel better. Yeah! Wish I would have lost a bit of weight, though.

And Younger Son survived his camping trip. Although there was a bit of a snafu about picking him up. I kept questioning Dave about whether he had heard anything about picking YS up. No. So I got a call from YS on Friday -- I'm here, but I don't see Dad. I had to call Grandma to come to the rescue and pick him up (both Dave and I being at work and at least an hour away.) YS insists he made arrangements with Dave to pick him up....

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