Tuesday, May 30, 2006

In Memory

Happy Belated Memorial Day. Got my poppy while out running errands on Saturday. While I was pinning it on my purse I wondered how many people out there know why we use poppies to symbolize Vets? (If you don't know or just want to read the poem, go HERE.)

So what did I spend my long weekend doing? Did I finish the Fuzzy Feet? You betcha. There they are in all their unfelted glory.
But then I veered off and finished this ensemble. I designed it OTF -- The basis is one of my favorite summer outfits Older Son wore as a toddler which was nothing more than a very large T-shirt that snapped at the crotch. This is for a co-worker's son, due in early July. The hat looks alarmingly big, but I'm trying to convince myself it will be OK since babies really do have alarmingly big heads (ask any new mom) and it's meant to be floppy anyways.

And finally -- has anyone seen this guy's baby hat book? The patterns are all ripped off from Internet sources. I have a Baby Hat pattern at Knitting About.com and I know some of the patterns were harvested there. I don't want to give this guy my money to verify whether or not he has my pattern (I'm thinking maybe not because there's no professional-type photo, but who knows?) so if anyone out there has seen the e-book and can verify for me, I would definately fire off a "cease and desist" notice.

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hollyboc said...

I came across another post in a blog that I read that had some infor and photos about the guys books. I think your hat WAS in there. I'm going to try to do a little surfing and try to find that blog again and if I do, I'll let you know for sure. Cute hat, by the way!