Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mail Call

Saturday I placed an order with Yarn Barn and they told me the items were in stock and that they would ship Tuesday. Well I came home from this evening to see this:

on my bed. One of the guys had found it on the porch and brought it up for me. That's amazing delivery! I can't be more pleased. Younger Son (who never misses an opportunity to wield a pen knife) opened it for me to reveal this:

more cotton "sock" yarn. (It's not really, it's carpet warp, or 8/4 cotton, that I bought for $5.75 an eight ounce cone. That's a half pound of yarn, which looks to be enough to make a few pairs of socks. And the gentleman I ordered from was lamenting the fact that the price had gone up from the $5.10 listed in the catalog. A big jump, but still. $5.75 for a couple pairs of socks that will go happily into the washer and dryer?) You can see I got the classic Manly color triumverate, black, brown, and navy. Along with dark olive (it's called "Loden Green") because that's another color Dave wears alot of (it looks good on him with his handsome red haired Scottish coloring). This looks like it will knit up perfectly on a size 1 or 2 needle. If you know me, you know I knit socks very tight. Other knitters may prefer a size 2 or 3. Younger son is psyched for new socks. If you're thinking of ordering, note that my colors appear lighter in real life than they do in the catalog. So if you're in doubt, go darker. I also ordered a little something as a surprise for someone I know which I'm not picturing here. One of my resolutions this year is to indulge my generosity more. Speaking of which, entries for the Ab Fab Afghan have dropped off. I know you're all kinder than this!!


Heather said...

whoo-hoo! that is customer service... on both ends :) bring a cone on Friday so I can see, please!

Donna said...

Hi! Avid reading just a slacker commenter here. Yesterday I gave suggestions to the scheduler (sp) at work so one of my co-workers could get a day off. She works two jobs and I know she is tired and really needs a chance to relax. *note to add our company is going through a buy out and system change so we are all working 6-7 days sometimes up to 12 hour shifts*