Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pillows of the Earth

When I got my new bed I had to get new bedding (because this bed is bigger than any bed I've ever had. Ever!) and so I got one of those "Bed in a Bag" things with the skirt, comforter, sheets, pillowcases. I also got two extra sets of two pillowcases (four total) in a coordinating solid because we like alot of pillows. So that's six pillowcases in all. I sleep with three, I figured Dave sleeps with three, we're all set. NO. I don't know where Dave is pulling these pillows from, but everyday when I come to bed there're more pillows in need of pillowcases. And I know that Dave had them squirreled away in some secret lair known only to him (I'm beginning to be suspicious of the attic, though) because they're just here when I get home, which means that he's digging them out in the mornings after I leave for work. I swear that the one laying next to me now is one I got rid of in 1999 (or it's that one's twin.) I told him to buy new ones, which he did, but now he's unwilling to part with any of the old ones. Pretty soon he won't be able to fit in the bed anymore (you think I'm giving up my half for him and his pillow fetish?) That's my Noro sock in the front there, to give a bit of scale to the picture. I've turned the heel and am starting my gusset. Excitement! Still haven't finished the grey socks, maybe I'll do it tonight. And I'm starting to get psyched for MDS&W!! I think I might try to score some Kauni yarn. Anyone know for sure of a vendor who will be there with some?

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