Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Painful Truth

My chiropractor fired me today. He doesn't think he can help me, and gave me some referrals to neurosurgeons. But that wasn't enough bad news, he went on to explain to me that a "successful" outcome of surgery would be no pain in my leg, and I would still have the low back pain. I just kept wanting to tell him to put everything back the way it was. My leg didn't hurt before, it was numb. Now it's not numb anymore, but I have really intense (like on a scale of 1-10 an 8 or a 9) back pain that radiates into my leg. I'm in pain virtually all day long, every day. It's not intense all the time, usually it's a manageable(!) 5 or 6, but I do hit that 8 or 9 at least once, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. I'll go talk to the surgeons and see what they can offer me. But I can't see having surgery if it's not going to get rid of my pain. I just tripped and fell! I can't believe I'm facing a lifetime of pain over it. Needless to say I'm not the happiest person on the planet. But hey, you know if I'm really pitiful about it maybe Extreme Makeover: Home Edition really will come and redo my house.
Enough bad news.
My Noro sock continues. I was thinking when I looked at a previous picture that I can mark my progress by the color of my yarn ball. Today my ball is blue with a little bit of pink underneath. (It used to be orange.) Who knows what tomorrow will bring?
And just because I haven't shown it in a while, here's the lates picture of my grey Cotton Sock. Can't wait to finish this so I can dig into my new cotton sock yarn. I'm content to knit socks for now. (Good thing, too. I think I have enough sock yarn to circumnavigate the globe!)


DPUTiger said...

Ooohhh, that really sucks :( Your socks look great, though! Hang in there!

Donna said...

ooooh I know how frustrating the pain can be. I have fibro and some days I just want to lay around sobbing from the pain. Luckily I have a good DR. who gives me pain meds. Ok nuff pain talk. Your noro socks looks so nice. I swear everytime I see them I want to pull out mine and get started. Maybe a simple stockinette. I can knit while I am at work, but it must be a simple pattern cause I end up having to drop them in an instant and then after a call pick them back up. Ahhh the joys of being an answering service operator. I will send happy thoughts for a pain free day to you!