Monday, July 17, 2006


It's hot! And I'm working on a hot new project, too. I'm done knitting the Secret Blue project, I just have to do the finishing. I'm waiting on finishing inspiration. I'm of two minds on finishing items on the bus. One is that I'm trapped, with nothing else to work on, so I have to get it done. The other is that this work is really too fiddley to do while jammed next to someone on a jerky bus ride. I'm going with number two right now, but if I don't get this finished by next Sunday afternoon (my preferred finishing time), it's going on the bus with me on Monday.

Here's my new project:

It's approximately half a shrug, knit with the Fiesta Rayon Boucle. After much consideration, I feel I've overlooked the wearability of the shrug. I was initially thinking of making a wrap/stole/shawl with this yarn. But then I got to thinking, I probably couldn't keep track of something like that. And when I thought about a shrug I realised it may be the perfect solution for me. Here's a garment that will hide my fat, flabby upper arms while not adding any width to my fat middle. AND it's pretty firmly attached to me so it would require some effort to walk away from. It's just about perfect, I tell you.

And what did I do while I was away last week? Well, I visted two yarn shops. I recommend both. I'm a bad blogger and forgot to take my camera to the first shop, but I will put up a picture of what I got tomorrow (blogger only allows four pictures now, apparently). The second shop was Love To Knit Yarn Shop in Vermilion, Ohio. A great shop, just the kind of yarn shop I love to visit. I wish it was my local shop. And notice the big honking sign out front. Older Son and I drove by three(!) times before we finally found it. DUH.

Grrr, apparently Blogger in its infinite wisdom has decided that two pictures are my limit for this post, so you will have to tune in tommorrow for more on my knitting adventures in Ohio.

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