Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Picture Is Worth

a thousand words, right? Blogger better get this right today. Just in case I'm pre-loading all the pictures. Here's my picture from inside the Love to Knit Yarn Shop. From left to right, there's the helpful sales woman, who really didn't have to put out much of an effort to get me to lay out the dough (err, I think Dave may read this so it really wasn't all that much) for a bunch of yarn. Then young and beautiful L (whose name isn't very different from mine) who is holding her knitting project. Isn't it beautiful? And it's just one piece of a three piece ensemble she completed for a 4H competition. I'll bet she wins. I'm truly amazed. I didn't knit anything half so nice until I was more than twice her age. And finally another knitter, a yarn shop "regular" I guess (the lucky thing) who was knitting a shrug, iirc. Everyone thought I was really wierd when I asked to take their picture. I have a teenager, I'm used to that.

And here's some of my purchases on the counter before I checked out. There's some merino lace weight, some Koigu, the book A Gathering of Lace and some Trekking XXL. Also some other assorted patterns I may have picked up.

And finally, here's what I got at the first yarn shop I went to. It was called Ewe Can Knit and was in Marblehead, Ohio. I forgot to take my camera, but this was a great little shop. It's set back from the road in a funky little building. There were chickens outside. Lots of interesting yarns, and a wonderful woman working there who talked to me about Pittsburgh (she used to live here) and knitting. More novelty yarns, and organized by color which although it certainly looks impressive is not my favorite Yarn shop layout.
But I was sucked in by the wall of blue yarns (I mentioned before I'm starting to be really into blues, especially dark blues). I got (ahem) several skeins of this dark indigo blue wool/cotton blend to make a sweater for me. I'm thinking all over cables with mid length sleeves. And then I got the multi sock yarn. Interestingly enough I saw the same yarn at the second yarn shop, but was able to restrain myself from purchasing another skein. I'm thinking a feather and fan sock.


hollyboc said...

Isn't it fun to buy yarn??? It just really doesn't take much to make us happy, does it??

Celtic Queen said...

Plain regular blue. Yep that's the vote @ our house. Older Celting looks fab in it and younger Celting just wants it all the time. I'm so jealous I didn't get to go. :)