Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blame It On Pluto

You're absolutely right, Heather! And it's funny you should mention that. We've been blaming everything that's gone wrong at work on Pluto and the universe being out of alignment!! I personally think the IAU should let Pluto back into the planetary fold. They can make everything else a "Dwarf Planet" (whatever) but they should make an exception for Pluto. It's not as if it's without precedent. The moon is no moon, you know. Nope, not a true satellite (if you define satellite as an object orbiting a planet) at all. It's really a sister planet to the earth in an intertwined orbit with us (but we still call it a moon). So let's start a campaign to SAVE PLUTO! If you agree contact the IAU and let them know your opinion. And tell everyone that you know, too. Start one of those e-mail chain letters. Maybe if we flood them with e-mails they'll change their minds.

In knitting news, I've joined up my sweater for the long knit to the bottom. And I did not go back and fix the error I pictured yesterday. I've gotten blase about these things. Or lazy. Take your pick.

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