Friday, September 01, 2006

Hurricane Party

Our trip to the mountains was delayed by the arrival of Ernesto, so I decided to have a hurricane party at home and watch a couple of movies. Maybe have a glass of wine (don't you just love the name?) The camp we're staying at will open tomorrow at noon, so we'll be off in the morning. Fun for all!

If you're here for the knitting, well take a gander at this -- It's the Baby Sweater, and as I said, I'm knitting to the bottom. I've just about mastered this lace pattern, so it should be fairly straight-forward from here on in. Just have to get some buttons and there you go. I hope to finish it over the weekend. And in other news I bought two balls of Trekking XXL for Sock Wars. Because, you know, none of the ten thousand balls of sock yarn I already have in the house would do. In my defense, I was out for my lunch time walk and it started to rain. I had to find some shelter, and the yarn shop was right there. I am unable to show them to you because I left them sitting on my desk at work. Let's stop for a moment and consider that: I left the yarn behind. Egads! Things are worse than I thought! I may need medication...

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