Friday, September 15, 2006

Mixed Bag

I decided not to return the yarn. Seriously. Did you really think I would?? I have just enough left to make another pair of mittens. So I could return the three unused skeins and be left with two barely used skeins for the stash, or I could use almost all the yarn up and make another pair of mittens for gifting to someone else. That's my rationalization. Please don't disillusion me. Practical thoughts like who I would gift identical fuzzy mittens to are completely out of the question. Maybe I can sell a pair. I could buy more yarn.

More fun at work today. At one point I was grunting incoherently in frustration and stalking (well, maybe it was more like leaping wildly) around my desk. Everyone was being very nice to me, though. I think they just didn't want to be on the wrong end of my pointy sticks.

But good and bad news (kind of a mixed bag here) I found the Monkees on TV today!! Yeah! Followed by the Partridge Family. And it was the first episode of the Partridge family! Bad news is that it's on squarely when I have PT, so I'll miss it two nights a week. I hope the Sadist appreciates the sacrifice I'm making for him. And speaking of PT, I found out that I do indeed have a meniscus tear (what I suspected) and I'm scheduled for an "outpatient procedure" (I'd call it surgery) on my knee at the end of October. The doctor told me I should be able to have the "procedure" on Friday and return to work the following Tuesday. People who've had it say he's nuts. But I only have three sick days left, and if I've got to go to work, I've got to go to work. I don't know what I'm going to do. (Yeah, I do. I'll go to work. At least I can hope that the crutches and whining will get me some sympathy.)

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