Monday, September 18, 2006

Laurie's Adventures in Wally World

Saturday morning I was running the gamut of morning chores (tried to make it to soccer, but there were no more parking spaces). My dad needed batteries, shampoo, and a bath mat, and I needed batteries and a shower curtain. Normally I would have gone to Target, but I was tired, and Wally World is right there next to the grocery store so I took the path of least resistance and wandered in. I got the batteries, bath mat, shampoo, and shower curtain. I also got three and a half outfits for me and all of this:

(There's actually more, I couldn't fit it all in one shot.) Apparently Wal-Mart is discontinuing Bernat's Galaxy yarn. Well, I like Galaxy (see the stickers? They were $1 a skein.) I don't know if they lost as much on the yarn as they made on me with the other purchases. (I did buy two skeins of the new Lion Wool to use with some eyelash ($1 a skein!) to make more Fuzzy Mittens at full price.) What is it? Do they pipe something into the ventilation there or what? You just kinda go into a buying frenzy. And, I also got one of these: It's a storage container made with cedar! Perfect for the stash. I'm putting my MDS&W purchases which have been cluttering up the downstairs hallway in it. Go buy one from Rubbermaid!

I normally try to avoid Wally World (they really do some bad things economically) and I don't really know what came over me. I was weak. I feel so cheap and tawdry now....


hollyboc said...

I avoid Walmart like the plague. But you have to admit, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and go. Nice addition to your stash! Don't you just love finding bargains like that?

Heather said...

You should feel dirty... but geesh, a buck a ball? I suppose as long as something beautiful comes out of it all... *sigh* If only Target sold yarn.