Thursday, September 07, 2006


Work is hectic. I am extremely busy. Not much time for knitting at all. I'm past the heel flap and working on the gusset of my ER Sock. I cannot wait for knitting tomorrow night. Get ready girls -- I have alot of relaxing to do! We may need to adjourn to the Eat-n-Park when they throw us out of B&N. Or maybe we can all get together for coffee and knitting Saturday morning. The Elder Celting will be playing soccer too early in the morning for it to be legal, though. (Yeah, that's why I can't make it -- It's before the legal driving time.) Interestingly enough, I passed the Clan Celtic tonight while they were trooping home from Back to School night. I just had time for a quick hello, though.

And I'm finally on the list for Sock Wars!! Yeah!! Tomorrow is the day the yarn and needle specs come out. Are all you warriors out there ready? I hope I get at least one kill.

The weather here has been cool, which has started me thinking about sweaters. Also, CQ has ripped through something like a half-dozen sweaters this month. Younger Son's b-day is in November, and I owe the kid a sweater. I'm thinking a Lopi-style sweater. I've been wanting to knit one for awhile. There are some great colors in 1824 Wool...

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