Thursday, September 14, 2006

My Heart's Not In It

I apologise for not posting. I have issues. (Man, ain't that an understatement!) But here goes anyways. This is my yarn for Sock Wars. I wanted a wool/silk blend so as to give the socks a chance of wearing better. I dunno, dk yarn and size 5 needles? A bit too sleazy for my taste, I don't think these socks are gonna last very long. I'm hoping the silk will strengthen them up a little bit, at least. And the color is yummy. A beautiful deep turquoise.

I'm just about done with the knitting of my Fizz Mitts. This is mitten #2, and all I have to do is the thumb. Then felt, of course. Look, the yarn stained my needle tips! (But just the tips, how wierd is that?) And I'll have extra yarn! I may even take it back to the store. Imagine that, me returning yarn. That would definately be blog-worthy! I'll have to remember to take my camera with me to document it for posterity.

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