Monday, September 11, 2006

In and Out of Stitches

The ER Socks are done! I put in the last stitch today, which was, coincidentally, the day Older Son got his stitches removed. OS likes them (the socks, that is), and they are now residing happily in his sock drawer.

So what's next? I had cast on another sock, but Sock Wars starts next week, and I knew I couldn't finish them before then. And besides, I had to go get some size 5 double points (I'm not sure I have any). Welllll, I was at the yarn (craft, really) store and I got sucked in. (I know, I'm weak!! I can't help myself!) I got this yarn to make Felted Fizz Mitts. These will probably be for Christmas gifting. I also went to the regular yarn store at lunch and picked up some DK yarn for Sock Wars. (Can you believe I had none in the stash? Well, I'm not sure I don't, but there was at least none that I can easily recall.) Picture tomorrow.

Work is still busy. My boss has to present my data to the CEO tomorrow. I haven't gotten it together yet. (But it's not my fault! I was waiting for other people.)

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