Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Knitting Time

Just in case you were wondering exactly how much 2x2 ribbing over 72 sts on size 1 needles you could get done while waiting in the ER with your son while he gets 5 stitches put in his chin -- it's this much. Just so you know. I've done all the research for you.
Older son tripped during gym class and fell on his face (literally). The impact split his chin open. He said it wasn't really painful, there was no loss of consciousness, all his teeth are intact. But it was gaping so he needed some stitches. We want to preserve his good looks.
Fortunately, I had already taken the day off work because of several doctor appointments, so I was able to pick him up. It's uncanny that every time my children require stitching up I've just happened to be home from work. Now I'm worried about taking off from work, though.
Unfortunately, I had made plans to meet Heather for coffee, and had to cancel. I guess I would have been too bad a mother if I made him wait to get stitched up. But we were able to meet up later, after my torture session, so it all worked out.


Donna said...

Hope your son feels better soon. I know all to well what it is like to be in the ER with a child getting stitched up. I have been 3 times with my daughter and once with my son. Sigh. Kids what are ya gonna do?

Heather said...

Thanks for fitting us in yesterday. I never would have heard the end of it if JJ didn't get his Starbucks! Hopefully the buttons worked for you. Peapod calls for 5/8" and that is a yo on size 6, too. See ya Friday!!